FF Battle 2010…A preview…

I hate teasers, I’m sure you guys do too…but I’m seriously tired as hell and I knocked out while I was processing these pictures and woke up just now to knock out a couple more before I have to wake up again in a couple hours to head out to California Speedway for FF Battle. Today was just the dyno portion of the event and was basically just for Super Street staff guys and what not. I headed out to see how these cars were doing and just to get a quick idea of what cars are actually participating in today’s competition. Here are just a few quick shots to give you guys a general idea of the caliber of cars running out there. If you want to check it out, please come out and show your support. It’s free for everyone, just bring sunscreen and shit so you don’t get burnt because it’s gonna be hot… I have many more pics from the dyno session which I will post later tonight/tomorrow. I’ve got quite a bit to do but enjoy these “teasers” for now…Thanks to General Tires for the grub as well, it is appreciated…oh and Raceline for hosting the dyno session…

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  1. Good work Joey. Can’t wait to see all the pictures

  2. can’t wait to see the coverage.

  3. great shots for a preview. cant wait to see it

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