F*ck The Chronicles!…

I’m actually still working on the pics from Japanese Classic Car Show and so far, they look pretty good. I have a bunch of content on the Datsun 510s that were at the event and that was my main focus every year because I am a huge fan of that chassis. When I finish them I will get them up for you guys to check it out. I was gonna try to finish it and put some up for you guys but I actually have to wake up in a couple of hours to go down to Eibach to talk to Ryan aka vtecvoodoo. I’m working on something huge and if all goes smoothly, I’ll be able to finally make an announcement and give you guys the full details…

So anyways, in one of my random nights of insomnia, I was on youtube and other video sites going through some of those videos that people usually put up with the cartoon-like characters that talk about the import scene or typical stereotypes that they feel need to be addressed. It’s a cool idea but generally they come off kinda wack and totally not funny. I’m not gonna name any videos in particular but I’m sure you have seen them circulated around forums and what not. They just aren’t that great. I found the site that people use to make them and I wanted to see if I could do something that like and possibly make it a little more entertaining and here it is. I just did it for fun, addressing some of the stuff that people would typically say about The Chronicles and the people involved on this site. I had some fun learning how to put videos like that together and I’m happy with the end result. I didn’t think it would be anything big so I posted it on The Chronicles Facebook page as well as my own personal one and it got a great response. Sometimes the best way to deal with things is to be able to laugh at yourself. So take it for what it is and if for whatever reason, some of you actually get offended by it….my bad. Just some light-hearted “humor”…Enjoy. I’ll be back with JCCS coverage later…

Oh, a quick note. Whoever keeps trying to google “Christine Mendoza nipslip” and keeps ending up on The Chronicles, seriously…if and when it happens I will be sure to let you know, okay? Dudes keep trying to search that shit and somehow they end up here. And if you’re wondering why you’re not seeing any of the other posts on the main page, it’s because it’s been adjusted so that only one post at a time appears on the front page now because all the coverage I’m posting is slowing the site down a bit for you guys. Breaking it into single posts will make it easier for the site to load up faster. If you guys want to see the older stuff, I’m sure you know how…Anyways, I’m out…thanks for watching…

From time to time, I will post stuff that is exclusive to the Chronicles’ Facebook page that doesn’t always appear on the main site. If you guys want to see that stuff, make sure to join The Chronicles Facebook Page. I think you just click the “Like” button or whatever it is now….Thanks.

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  1. Sad to say, but that movie was horribly correct…. I do read about people that I don’t even know! Maybe it’s because my penis is tucked like a rywire custom radiator???? Oh well, atleast my haircut is functional…. Now excuse me while I go to beat my meat.

  2. made me L O L with everyone that was around me!!!!

  3. “Black Pie just trailers them to meets.” hahhahaha.. Shit is comedy!!

  4. Bwahahahaha! Oh shit… HAHAHAH. Certain parts of that had me LMFAO.

    Joey, you are killin’ the video game. Hahaha.

  5. Woah hey, woah, what’s that about stance blogs? 😉

    LMAO Penis tucked into my wallet, that was the best one of these yet.

  6. This shit was hella epic. lol!

  7. Hella? Hella…

  8. LMAO Good shit…

  9. Joey i must say………..that was HELLLA TIGHT DOGGIE!!!!

    i swear as soon as i heard “HELLA” in that clip i had fucking flash backs of you guys up here all talking shit about how we use the word “HELLA” and even thought about David’s phone call 12:30at night to just talk about random shit to make me say “HELLA” in our conversation at some point.

    HAHAHHAHA… good shit on the video clip homie

  10. “tucked like a rywire custom radiator” LOL

  11. Awesome..Hella, Hella Sexy!

  12. Oh man that shit is classic. Had me in tears while watching it in my office. LOL!

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