Careful planning…

Been spending the last couples days working on the parking situation for The Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary. Everything seems to be coming smoothly so far. Once I get the parking situated, then I’ll post up all the details on the event itself. I will have a full FAQ with everything you guys will need to know if you plan on coming to the event. Parking up front, much like Eibach, will be the “VIP” spots and they will be coming in first. I’ll be selling the spots up front for people that want to for sure be up front. Set-up will be very similar to Eibach except I won’t be charging for parking along the sides and the back and spots will be cheaper than the annual Eibach Meet. It just works out easier that way if I can have the front spots spoken for and established. Plus the money from the parking spots up front will help pay for various things at the event like port-a-potties and what not. Just to help cover some costs. I’m sure some of you will be like “why I gotta pay for a meet?” with bad grammar and all. For those I say…no one is forcing you to come. You can park in the back if you want. This is more of a celebration and I want to have a relaxing atmosphere where I don’t have to stand around and park cars all day. I’d like to be able to actually spend time with people and cover the event for the site as well. Anyways, more details to come as I put things together. Thanks everybody for your support. I’d love to have you guys out there.

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  1. blklude5g here from prelude power. You hit nail on head with us luders dog. someone posted up a link on preludepower about big mikes build a day or two after you posted it up, been a faithful reader ever since, damn shame i can’t come and support your accomplishment…ohio sucks

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