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It’s been a great year for Hondas in print and the next upcoming issues will be no different. Though the Super Street issue isn’t scheduled to drop til the end of the month, this month is a great time to pick up some magazines. Import Tuner has the long-awaited feature of DPK*David’s Civic coupe, with great snaps by Luke Munnell, the latest issue of Honda Tuning that’s scheduled to drop next week has a great story about a K24-swapped S2000 and a personal favorite of mine, Ejay Adriano’s DA. Ejay’s DA is definitely different but what makes it great is the story that goes behind the car. I’m proud to say I had a chance to put that article together and I honestly think that it’s one of my best, just because Ejay has such a great story to tell. The Super Street issue that is upcoming has none other than Mike G’s Tank on the cover. There really isn’t much introduction needed in regards to Mike G’s Civic because it has been around for years now and speaks for itself. The car is legendary on the internet. Make sure to check it out in it’s latest incarnation since Mike G brought it back from a 5 year hiatus.

They say that the internet is hurting publication but we have to remember to support print. There’s no better feeling than going to your mailbox or walking into a 7-11 and seeing the newest issue of your favorite magazine. Just that feeling of being able to hold it in your hand and to be able to flip through it to see your favorite builds or your homies car, it’s something you can’t describe. So please go out and support your favorite mags. Buy all three copies because it’s marks another great month for Hondas in general. SUPPORT PRINT. If you don’t, then I’m gonna be out of a job and I won’t be able to do The Chronicles anymore because I’ll be working at a fucking gas station. PEACE.

Honda Tuning.

Super Street.

Import Tuner.

Buy your own copy and don’t borrow from your friends. You’re not 12 years old anymore, you can afford 5 bucks a copy!!

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  1. who need magazines? WE GOT THE CHRONICLES! nwp smiley goes here

  2. That’s so sweet mikes on the cover of ss. He’s a great guy I’m happy for him and the tank is a legend. I will definitely be buying that issue.

  3. congrats to the homies on print!

  4. Yes! Support Print Media! I do work for magazines and still go out and buy them just to show my support! Mike’s Tank looks good on the cover. Street Image put alot of time and effort into the car.

  5. I definitely support the magazine industry. I would much rather read about a car in a magazine than read about it online.

  6. hell yeah it sounds like is going to be bad ass. when is it going to be?

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