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I just wanna start off by saying thanks to everyone that has purchased spots for The Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary meet. Most of you even followed instructions, haha. Spots have been moving quickly so for those of you guys who plan to purchase some you still have time, but they are moving along steadily. I’m gonna move the FAQ to the side of the page soon once I get the chance to. I’ve been busy sorting out the parking spots and separating them from people who are just ordering regular merchandise so for those of you who are wondering where your shirts are and what not, you’ll get them soon. I’m packing them up after I type this up. I also ran into some printer problems for those of you who regularly purchase stuff and notice that the invoices have been written out lately. It’s kind of a pain in the ass but good thing I got the printer going again and finally even printing in the same color.

I spent the day at L*CON Race Cars with Big Mike because he had to go talk to Louie about getitng some minor things done here and there. Some productive stuff came of it and we ended up just hanging out at his shop most of the day and shot the shit. It was a cool day. Gotta head back today too so Louie can get to work on Big Mike’s stuff. I also have a car to shoot for Super Street but the weather has been so erratic lately. The overcast is cool, it would just help if it didn’t pour rain everywhere. Should be good to go in the next couple days so I gotta go scout locations as well.

Oh and with the rain coming down at all I thought it’d be cool to take some test shots of my own car inside Midnight Garage. Just messing with some lighting that I borrowed from my buddy and making sure I know how to even use the stuff. The shots were whatever because the car was wet from the rain but I guess it adds to the effect of the pic. It’s sized so small here that you can barely even see the water but yeah, it’s drenched for the most part in the shot. I’ll leave you guys with that for today and I’ll try to post up some stuff tomorrow…PEACE.

Oh almost forgot…gonna get a hold of some lower offset front wheels this week too that someone was willing to trade me. I guess he had big brakes and needed a higher offset wheel up front to clear his brakes so I’m just gonna take the super low disk, lower offset pair that he has and throw them on my car. Should make the front a  little more aggressive and the car all around should sit more evenly. It’ll be cool, I don’t know how much of a difference it’ll be but I’ll have to wait and see the outcome when he brings the wheels by. Alright, Peace out for real this time…

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  1. LOOKS GOOD MAN!!!!! Wish I wasnt to damn sleepy to show up to the shop last night im sure there was some shit being shot around and good times as usual.

  2. Hot Stuff International

  3. That thing is straight Draggin.

  4. Y33 is clean as always. Can we get these in desktop size? Aloha.

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