Everything you need to know about The Chronicles 2-Year Anniversary meet…

It’s only a couple weeks away people and this section will cover basically everything you will need to know about the meet. I’ve had people texting me and emailing me left and right about the meet and have even gone and hit up the homies to get information but that won’t be necessary anymore because this will cover it…

What? – This event was organized to celebrate the upcoming 2-year anniversary of The Chronicles/Stickydiljoe.com

When? – This event, deemed “2YRS” will take place on October 23rd, 2010 from 1pm – 7pm

Where? – The meet will take place at the Eibach Springs facility in Corona, California. The address is 264 Mariah Circle, Corona, CA 92879.

What is the parking set-up like? – The lay-out will basically be set up the exact same way that the annual Eibach Honda meet is. Being that it is at the same venue, this works out the best. The front portion of the meet will be the VIP area where people purchase parking spots to guarantee their spots up front. The rest of the meet, taking place along the sides and if necessary, the rear of the building, will be completely free to park. Those spots however, are first come first serve so if you show up late to park along the sides and rear and don’t like your spot, that’s unfortunate but there is nothing we can do to fix that situation.

Why do I have to pay for parking? –  The beauty of this idea is that you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to, you just won’t be parked up front. The front is saved for supporters, friends, and family of The Chronicles and they have first priority to park so if you feel like you want to have your spot guaranteed and don’t have to deal with finding spots that aren’t in the front, purchase your spot in advance. Also, it wouldn’t be a totally bad idea to help support the meet and The Chronicles right? The funds will go towards the site and to pay for various things at the meet so you’re helping us help you. 😉

How much is VIP parking up front? – VIP parking up front will be $5 and you can purchase your parking spot at The Chronicles Official Storefront.

Is this event only for Hondas? – The Chronicles is a Honda-dedicated site, so for the most part, it is mainly catered to Hondas so it is “Honda-Preferred”. But I am also a fan of cars in general and I know there are also many people on this site that follow it closely who don’t own Hondas. If you purchase a VIP parking spot up front, you can bring a non-Honda, that’s fine.

How will the VIP parking work? – Much like Eibach, you will be asked to bring your receipt and confirmation that you indeed purchased a parking spot up front. The only difference is that when you purchase a spot for The Chronicles meet, your registration will also come with a special sticker denoting that you purchased a VIP spot. This will make roll-in easier and smooth out the parking process. I will have instructions as to where to place the sticker so that it is easily identified when you first arrive at the gates. Your name will also be placed on a list but the sticker and receipt will just make things that much easier.

What if I want to park with my crew/team/homies? – Then you better show up at the same time and roll-in at the same time. Many of you will have done shows and events before and this applies as usual. How much more time do you think it would take away from everyone if you held up the line or blocked spots just to wait for your friends/crew members to arrive? Normal event etiquette applies. If you are registering spots up front for your friends, make sure to include their names at the time or purchase or else they will not park inside with you.

What if my homie shows up late? – They are shit outta luck.

What if I don’t have to pay and I want to park in the front? – If that is your perogative, you will be turned away at the gate and will be asked to leave the event altogether. And if you attempt to sneak up to the front you will be ridiculed and humiliated amongst all your peers.

What if I lose my receipt or I lose my sticker for VIP spots? – Really? Are you 5  years old? Let’s use some common sense here and place these items in a safe place where you won’t lose them. Either that or you can put it in your car right away when you get these items so that you don’t lose them. Don’t make things more difficult than it has to be.

What time should I show up for roll-in? – If you have a VIP spot, details will be sent to you to let you know when to arrive at the Eibach Springs facility.

Can I just crowd the front lot and clog up the street just to hang out before I’m supposed to park? – Umm, NO. If you decide to show up early and block the streets or make it a hassle for people to come in a park and what not, the streets will get over crowded and the police will come and shut us down. So please, DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY and crowd the streets outside of Eibach. If anything meet up with your friends earlier and go hang out at the Carl’s Jr. or somewhere away from the event until it is your designated time to arrive to park. Again, let’s not make things more difficult than it has to be.

Will there be music and entertainment? – Generally I ask you to entertain yourself while at an event but yes, Autofashion will be supplying the music for the day.

Will you be selling Chronicles merchandise at the event? – Yes, I will have Chronicles stickers and t-shirts at the event for sale at our booth. We will also have an NWP4LIFE booth at the event as well so you guys will have the opportunity to purchase NWP merchandise.

Will you be doing a special edition Chronicles stickers like you have all year for other major events? – Umm, I’m not entirely sure yet because there is a lot of organizing that needs to be done so I don’t know if I will have time to make a brand new sticker. If I do however, I will make an announcement about it and they will also be available for purchase at the meet.

If I am a vendor, how do I go about contacting you to have a booth at your event? – Unfortunately, I won’t be having other vendors at the event because I want to make more room for parking. I want to be able to get people into the event so I will not be having any vendors.

Will you be having a raffle or giveaways at the event? – Most likely, but I haven’t figured out all the details on that stuff yet. But if I do, think of it as a pleasant surprise or whatever when you get to the meet.

If I can’t make the event and I have purchased a VIP spot, can I give it to someone else? – Hopefully that doesn’t happen but in the event that it does, yes you can, but please make sure you have that situated with me right ASAP because there will be a deadline for changes to the parking list.

When will the VIP parking spots be available for purchase? – Spots will be for sale by the time you read this. There will only be a little over 100 spots available and they are expected to go fast, so purchase as soon as possible. I will not respond to emails later on when you want to purchase a spot after they have sold out.

That should be about it, please don’t bomb my email with questions unless you have something really specific that you feel needs to be answered. I want this event to be as smooth as possible because I too want to enjoy the event. If everyone reads these questions and abides by the lay-out, then everything should be fine. Thank you.

Purchase your VIP parking spots HERE.

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