“Busy” is an understatement…

Uhh…yeah…pretty busy right now. Within the next 48 hours or so I think it’s gonna hit the breaking point of hectic and “why did I even do this”. So much stuff left to do in preparation for THE BIGGEST MEET OF THE YEAR. Haha, nah, just kidding…I honestly hope it stays relatively modest and chill. It’s near the end of the year and if things go smoothly I think everyone will be happy. I am busy cutting the shit outta these stickers though, so you guys who wanna support the site and who doesn’t have one should probably come by the booth to pick one up. Or maybe even two. How you gonna show up to The Chronicles meet and not have a Chronicles sticker? That’s blasphemy…haha. I don’t give a shit though, if you’re just there to take up space it’s all good. Just pick up your trash, don’t be an asshole, or bring a gigantic dog that shits all over the place. Cuz I am setting up the parking so I definitely will know who you are. Alright, back to work. I think I gotta head over to L*CON today too to check out some progress on the Honda Tuning project CR-Z that’s going to SEMA. If everything goes smoothly, it’ll actually make it’s first appearance at the meet. That’s why I set up the meet a week before SEMA. It’s not like anyone is busy or anything. Let’s just add pressure to the biggest automotive trade show of the year. Back to work so I can actually have a decent amount of time in my schedule Friday to go to Bisimoto. Why I’m going there you ask? Well…I either have to go look at some crazy shit that Bisi is working on, or I just have poor time management skills and want to drive out to Ontario or whatever city he’s in to go bother him. Back to work…PEACE. And if you don’t hear from me in the next couple days, I will see you on Saturday….

Oh did anyone notice that teal and purple chrome sticker up top? Looks pretty cool right? I kinda just did it for fun. Had some extra space on my vinyl sheet and everybody nowadays loves anything teal and/or purple so why not….maybe I’ll even have those for sale at the meet….

Bam! Here’s the flyer again to slow down the loading time for the site…Page looks too empty without 263 fucking images at once…Here’s some clutter…

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  1. You were suppose to check with me about using teal for your stickers…I’ll let it slide this time! I’m in for one sir!

  2. me and anh both need limited teal and purple stickers… send them shits out!

  3. dude…..make that sticker ..i want 5 maybe 6…..seriously 5 maybe 6….special cut for the 2yr meet and your homie representing this site on the other coast/GA…aka me

  4. Damn those stickers look nice. Hope they are available on the store front so I can scoop some up

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