This month…

I was actually busy all week with work for Super Street but I just wanna let you guys know that I’ve begun the review process for the 2010 Top Ten Hondas. It’s been an insane year with so much going on that it’s definitely going to be difficult to compile the list and in what order the cars should go in. I think this was probably the busiest year by far but it’s brought about so many great memories. This year, I reminded myself that I should start considering cars early and keeping an eye on them throughout the year to follow their progress. The list is going to be pretty good with all the great builds that appeared this year. I actually have a couple in mind for the number 1 spot but damn, it’s going to be difficult to make the final decision…

I figured you guys would want to look at some sort of content today so here’s too much of a bad thing…haha…Back tomorrow with more content for everyone. Oh, and orders are also being put together and going out this week…

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  1. i am so confused at that pic. Jewish star, American theme, a 6 wheeled stretched EF with daytons with a EK front.

  2. Im pumped to see what you consider the best of 2010. There was very little debate last year 😀

  3. Oh my god.. that abortion WOULD be from from Ohio. Hahaha…..

  4. Can’t wait to see the top ten cars man.

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