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What’s up everyone, just wanted to drop a quick note for you guys to pick up the latest issue of Super Street magazine. They’ve actually been keeping me pretty busy because I’m currently still trying to knock out some stories for them but the current issue actually features the Powerhouse Amuse S2000 I shot awhile back. 2010 was a busy year so they hadn’t really had the chance to run the story until now but it’s pretty cool…

The story itself is pretty interesting and it takes sort of a different approach then my usual stuff because I rarely ever tell a story (in my magazine features) from a first person point-of-view. I just had to because what unfolded that day was kinda funny. It’s also a cool story because it’s a car that most of the Honda world has never heard of. I think most of the S2K community probably knows of it because they’re a pretty tight-knit group, but in terms of a larger spectrum of Honda guys, this car is relatively unknown. I myself have only seen it pop up at car shows and events a handful of times…

Another interesting fact about the car and owner is that Jay, from JDMEGO, lives right down the street or something from him now ever since he moved and I guess Jay sees him driving this thing around all the time. It’s a pretty nice car. S2000 built to Amuse-spec completely on the outside but he went his own route with the motor and what not. The owner, Bobby Taylor, also tracks that car on occasion as well and the finish on the paint kinda reflects that. I mean, the car is in great shape but the paint itself had some battle scars, which was also kinda cool to see…

Like the story, I also took a different route with the way I processed the photos. As I stated earlier, this was shot awhile back and it was actually the last car that I shot with just pure natural lighting. I shoot with larger flashes nowadays but when I shot this particular car, it was all natural. I had shot DPK Davids car there before at the exact same location so I knew exactly how the natural light would come in and while I wish I had flashes then, I’m pretty happy with the pics. I went for like, this overly dramatic route of editing just because I wanted to experiment with that style and I felt like it matched the car. It had a bunch of rock chips on the front bumper, just from driving and track use, and the sideskirts right behind the front wheel was actually very scarred up as well so the whole aggressively dark “feel” of the photos kinda suites the car. I don’t know, I’m no professional and these pics really represent my work at a very early stage so you will notice a huge difference between this shoot, which was from early summer of 2010, and the shoot I did more recently, which was the orange Hachi-Roku Corolla. I’m actually going to post up the unused photos of the Corolla next week and those are pics that I am really happy with. It was such an easy car to shoot because of the color and everything and the location was perfect. So make sure to keep an eye out for those and while you’re busy waiting for that, go pick up the latest issue of Super Street. If you’re not a fan of the pics of the S2000, I can respect that, it was just something I was trying out. The newer stuff is waaaaayyyy better in comparison and I think you guys will see gradual improvements over time. I think this was the second car I shot for Super Street, right after Bisi’s wagon and I’ve learned so much since then. I’m sure you guys who have followed this site can see that I’m trying to learn more everyday about automotive photography. I went from barely starting this site in 2008 and not even knowing how to use a camera, to now, where I’m doing print work for magazines like Super Street…haha…shit is still pretty crazy to me.

Thanks for your support and thanks for continuing to SUPPORT PRINT. Magazines are one of the best things we have in our community and have been around since the beginning. Please continue to read mags because there might be a day when you’re sitting down with your kids or your grandchildren some time in the future and telling them stories about how you used to read something that wasn’t completely digital.

Thanks for looking, buy and read the latest issue of Super Street magazine. For all intents and purposes, support my ass., The Chronicles; always bringing you exclusive content only seen here! None of that bullshit where other sites just post up other people’s pictures of beat up ass cars with aggressive wheels or some shit. I think people are starting to forget that the range of your wheel offset doesn’t disguise how terrible the rest of the car looks. Totally random and a rant for another time…haha.

Anyways, original content heaven right here. Real success comes with hard work…your OWN work.

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  1. Good shit man! I’ve seen that car on the street before, dude really does be driving around town LOL. So nice to see other people actually driving their cars. His is so fuckin crazy to see on the road, I almost wrecked when I saw it haha

  2. will for sure pick it up, you take great shots man, I thought you had been into photography your whole life haha.

  3. We appreciate what you are able to do and those people who are generous enough to assist you in way shape or form to make this happen. It’s so nice to come to this website and get regular updates, and updates that are exclusive to your field of work.

    When you understand the hard work that is put into it especially by one very busy person this is just incredible! Stickydiljoe is dedication at its finest. You make a lot of people’s days after coming home from a hard day of labor. Be safe out there man.

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