V-V-Video Time…

Just gonna stop by real quick to show you guys these cool videos. The music is a little on the fruity side I will admit, but the cars, Honda Odysseys in particular, are beautifully done. The videography is also a little different and not like the stuff you see over here but that’s also cool. I don’t know what “Pleasurism” is or what the ReBirth is all about but hey, maybe it’s lost in translation. I always thought “pleasurisms” was the stuff that shot out of your wang after a good churning but again, what do I know. Anyways, enjoy the videos, they are definitely different and will make you wish you had a Japanese mini-van of your own….

I think you guys can find more about them just be googling “Pleasurism ReBirth” or just looking for them on Youtube, alright? Cool, I’m out…have a good weekend everyone.

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