EEFFECT APPAREL Wheel Headz Artist Series 1 – “Big Mike Edition” Tee…

While I’m not a big fan of blatantly advertising other products on The Chronicles, I thought I would make an exception in this instance because it’s for the homie Big Mike. He’s been a devoted follower and supporter of this site since the very beginning and he’s one of my close personal friends so I have no problem vouching for his endeavors. He recently collaborated with Eeffect Apparel to create their first “Wheel Headz Artist Series” t-shirt. Though the company isn’t that well-known out here in the west coast, I’m sure you guys have seen their shirts at various places as well as in advertisements in your favorite magazines. They produce these cool cartoon characters with the faces being popular wheel designs and that is one of their signature style of shirts. The Artist Series I guess is a new line that they’re doing where they take one of their favorite car (no pun intended) heads from each corresponding coast and dedicate a specific shirt to those individuals. For the west coast, they decided to go with Big Mike, and for good reason. No man has had a bigger presence in the Honda community in the last year or so and has made such a huge push to get himself out there. I know this because I’ve been alongside the guy this entire time. I don’t think I know very many people who have nearly as much passion about anything than Big Mike so I couldn’t be happier to see something like this Eeffect tee come to fruition. Many of you probably have heard of this shirt already because Big Mike has made a strong push on various outlets to get the news of his newly released shirt out there.

I know he wouldn’t ask me because he knows me well enough that I wouldn’t just push anything but I decided to do this because it’s honestly a really cool idea and the shirt itself came out pretty great. It has one of his favorite wheels of all time, a Volk SE37K, as the face and the rest of the body of the character consists of all of Big Mike’s signatures, like the corduroy slippers, watch, etc. It’s very well designed. Even if you don’t know Big Mike well, the shirt itself is still cool enough to rock as is. They recently sent Big Mike’s shirt to my place actually and I got to see it in person first hand and it’s a good quality shirt. If you don’t choose to buy it, that’s cool too. Just thought I’d throw it out there that something like this was done and that there are companies out there who support privateer car builders as well and not just major industry guys.

Here’s the link for those of you who would like more information on the shirt and how to purchase it….



Pretty cool right?

Here’s an actual picture of Big Mike rocking his shirt…

Buy it, don’t buy it, I don’t know, do whatever you want….still cool nonetheless though and cool to see Big Mike continue to do big things…

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  1. Every time I see a Volk Se37K it fucking pisses me off that they’re not made anymore and yet still volk is pumping out shitty G games wheels.

  2. Thank You! Awesome write up, and working with Big Mike was a true pleasure!

  3. i got mine, big mike is a cool guy and like to see him do more big things

  4. LMAO! South Park’s version of Big Mike!

  5. may i have a tshirt of big mike rocking the shirt? south park version please ? 🙂

  6. lol pretty sick!!

  7. dang i step out of the honda scene for a minute and mike gets a shirt?! kudos to the homie, and i miss this site! SE37K all day!

  8. BWAH HA HA! that looks sOoOoOo much like Big Mike!!!

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