Well, final prep for Wekfest is in full force. Everyone is scrambling to get their cars ready while on my end, I’ve literally been slaving away on getting merchandise ready for the booth. So far, about 75% of the stickers that I plan to have available at Wekfest are now complete and tonight I will make the final batch before packing my bags. I still have so much to do and the shirts are also coming down to the wire. Hopefully they will be available for me to pick up tomorrow so that I can organize them and get there ready for the show….

The booth at Wekfest will have the most merchandise available that I have ever had at a booth at an event. When I say some of my stickers are limited runs, that definitely isn’t an understatement because I sit up hours upon hours at night cutting, weeding out, and putting the stickers together on my own. I don’t have any outside source that helps me do anything of the decal stuff. I have my computer on an L-shaped desk where the other end is stritcly for putting stickers together. To the right of me I have my TV and my vinyl cutter. Its a full on operation over here, haha. As you can see from the pic above, that is what I have finished so far. There are large stacks of the “Chronicles IV” design along with the Like Button stickers, and smaller quantities of popular stickers that I have had available in the past. I know some of you guys still like the older designs so I always make sure to have those available. I’m crossing my fingers that the shirts will come out great. It’s a little short notice but my normal shirt guy seemingly disappeared and fell off the face of the Earth, and luckily I had a guy available that’s close to where I live that stepped up to get them done. I’ll find out tomorrow how they look and I’ll get pics up as soon as possible with the finished product.

I should give you guys some other stuff to look at though, so here is what I’ve been glancing at on the web inbetween hourly long sticker-cutting sessions….

I can’t say I’m truly appreciative of the Accord CB7-chassis community. Thought I find myself always wondering if I should build another one, I go back to glance at the forums and there hasn’t been much of a change. It’s still the entry-level car that younger guys start out with but never fully go all-out on. Most guys find themselves with more funds as they get older and they just get something else. Sometimes I still have casual conversations with the homies about what my car would be like today if I still had it. I think by now, it would have been K-swapped already and the bay would have been much cleaner but the exterior would most likely be about the same, maybe a couple different sets of wheels, etc…Just the small stuff. Whenever I go back to the CB7Tuner forums though, I always look for a member’s page on there by the name of “aleks77”. This guy has had his car since I had mine and he’s one of those rare guys that has stuck with the car and continues to make it better and better. I’m not really involved within that community anymore so I rarely go on there, but I usually scroll through the member’s page to find his. I thought I’d toss up some pictures of it here because he’s all the way out in Canada so it’s never heard of and it’s definitely deserving of a mention. The car has seen quite the evolution throughout the years and I think in it’s current state, it’s one of the best Accords out right now. It doesn’t have an H22-swap but it is a boosted F-series that makes 357WHP at 19PSI of boost on pump gas, which is really impressive. I would have included some bay shots but I think he was redoing some areas of his bay since it cracked but believe me, it’s not bad. Actually, here’s a pretty decent shot of it…

Not bad right? The car is nice and the guy seems to be a pretty knowledgeable guy. He’s also into photography too which allows me to provide some shots of his car. I think you may have seen pics of it floating around before when it was primered black but now it’s painted and I’m a fan. Boosted, with aggressive Work VS-XX wheels, a simple yet complete lip kit with clean paint. What’s not to like? Just needs some seats and some other minor touches and it would probably make for a nice little feature car. Here are some shots of it, thanks to Aleks77….

I’ve never really been a fan of the 2-door coupe Accords or even the 90-91 front-end/taillights but since the front is all cut up anyway for a huge frontmount intercooler, it doesn’t really matter. Like I said earlier, I’m a fan…here’s a link to his member’s page here.

Anyways, here are some random shots of the Sportcar Motion Civic hatchback recently from some test runs at Streets of Willow…New additions include a custom Sportcar Motion front bumper and splitter, plus a Voltex GT2 wing and gurney flap…

Looks fucking mean!…

Back with some updates tomorrow, hopefully with pics of the new shirts!…


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  1. Vancouver represent! Sick Accord, I think I saw it on the streets when it was primered if it’s the same car.

  2. Yeah! Nice find there Joey!
    Sweet, Vancouver is just a ferry ride from Vancouver Island (Victoria, BC)
    Awesome ride, never seen an Accord built to the level like this…
    Shits sick!

    ROCK ON! Love the pictures you also posted on Facebook for Sport Car Motion!
    Love both their Time Attack vehicles… (DC2 and EG6)

  3. already liked that CB7 a lot when it was primered, now it’s painted it looks stunning. thanks for posting that accord up, joey. and good luck with the shirts.

  4. You dont see much of those Accords around, even the past 10 years. That car looks sick man. Thats performance and looks done just right. I’d roll around on that. 🙂

  5. the CB7 community will always remain a niche in the tuning world, and builds like this will keep it alive. thanks for featuring it mang! coupes are hot, but i’m biased.

  6. I’ve always liked his coupe as well, althought cb7 will be a niche in the tuning’s definitely something different. I’m on my second one now and I’ll never give up on it…most of the cars you see featured nowadays are always Civics and Integras. I personally liked yours allot Joey and it’s a shame what had transpired after your feature that year.

    One person I can thank for bringing them to light is the founder of Steve. After he relocated to So Cal he gave up ownership to another guy Mike who’s kept it running strong since late 2006.

    IMO if it wasn’t for Steve I highly doubt not many of us would be around..most likely stuck in some obscure website without the full knowledge of these cars.

    I think you should contact Aleks man and do a feature on his ride…may NOT for a magazine but for your site.

    Rock on bro.

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