If you guys are here for coverage of the Showstoppers USA grand opening from this past weekend, I apologize, because I didn’t go. With all the car stuff and events that have been going on lately, we had quite a bit of stuff to catch-up on in real life so I promised May that we would be spending the weekend up in her area so that we could knock some things out. She had been wanting to reorganize her place so we took the opportunity to do so. I normally have something for you guys to read or look at on Monday but today, I must take a break. When I was younger I was one of those kids that got sick often and always had a sensitive stomach. Whatever I ate, there was a chance that my stomach wouldn’t agree with it. Through large amounts of drinking and late night mexican food sessions between the ages of 20-25, I have grown immune to many things and I just wasn’t as sensitive as I was when I was a child. Trust me, those of you that know me now think that I’m very laid back and chill but there are witnesses to attest to my destructive behavior when I was younger. Anyways, last night, I finally broke my streak of not throwing-up for over 9 years. I’m not one of those guys that you see sick very often now and I was pretty proud of myself for not vomiting through all this time, even when I used to party a lot. I was like, the fucking Lance Armstrong of not throwing up, haha, if that makes sense. Well on Sunday, I ate some bad chicken and I really fucked myself. May had eaten it with me as well and she didn’t feel very well early on, but I didn’t think anything of it because I was fine. The rest of the day, I started to feel worse and worse. I hurt my back a little while back after Wekfest so I just thought it was the back pain that was acting up, but my stomach started to feel very odd and I started to get pretty strong headaches throughout the day. We went to Target and bought some things for the house and when I got back, I took an Excedrin and a Gas-X pill, to help with the headache and the quizzy stomach. I felt a little better and May and I enjoyed some TV time and then she went to bed. Before she fell asleep, she told me to take a shower before I went back to my own place as she thought that it would make me feel better or at least a bit refreshed. I forgot to mention that throughout the day, I had been extremely cold and had the chills even though I was really warm and May checked to see if I had a fever. My face was all red but I was cold as shit. I wore my NWP4Life hoodie and thought that it would make me feel better but I was like randomly hot and cold. While I was showering, I kept making the water hotter and hotter but I was still freezing cold. I began to burp a lot and I knew it was all downhill from there. I quickly got out of the shower to dry off but when I was walking to towards the towel, I got incredibly dizzy and almost fell to the floor. Things were not good. I rarely ever get like that so I sat down on the toilet to regroup myself. I really didn’t want to throw-up because I absolutely despise it and it’s such a painful thing, but I eventually gave in and knew that getting the food out would make me feel better. I haven’t yacked that hard since the last time I pounded Patron while eating Adobada Tacos. After I finished, I thought it would make me feel better but I was still shaking from having the chills. It was getting pretty late and I wanted to get home to put some orders together from The Chronicles Storefront but it just wasn’t happening. I kinda just laid on the couch and knocked out for a bit until around 2am when May came out because she heard the TV in the living room still on. I assured her that I would be okay and I made the drive back and here I am now. I sincerely apologize for not giving you guys something car-related or anything interesting to read for that matter, but I still feel a bit under the weather so I am going to lay down now and hope I feel better in a couple hours. Thanks to May for taking care of me and being so worried. I’m usually the one that’s trying to take care of her and make sure that everything is okay, so she was a bit freaked out to see me in such bad shape. In all the time that we’ve been together, she’s never even seen me sick because I try my best to take care of myself. Anyways, I’m off now. I’m pretty sure either May is going to call me when she sees this, or my mother is going to be calling me. Yes, she does read this site, and she reads EVERYTHING. Haha… Stickydiljoe, human afterall….

I’m out for today. See you guys tomorrow…

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  1. sounds pretty rough, i hope you feel better soon dude.

  2. Dam man take care.keep hydrated.

  3. Food poisoning is what that is called, some nasty bacteria in your gut. If your yakking keeps up for more than a day or so a Doc is what you need! Feel better brother, and don’t worry there is enough quality blogging on this site to keep me busy till your back.

  4. hope you feel better..

  5. get better soon man, always a supporter for chronicles!

  6. Gatorade dude, it works miracles, stay hydrated, 100

  7. hope u feel better homie… take some time for urself, u work too hard to be worried about ur followers on this site when u are feeling so bad.

  8. Dude, you need to see a doctor if you continue to feel ill.


  10. No apologies man…like you said. We’re only human. Get well.

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