I’m sure many of you know this by now but if you don’t, I guess this will be news for you. Wiring harness extraordinaire Ryan Basseri, better known to our world as Rywire, is now officially calling Southern California his permanent home. He decided to finally make the move down in 2011 after deciding to go full-on with the expansion of his brand name and company. He now has a sizable shop space that gives him room to finally have a dedicated work space and area for him to store his products. He’s starting to push more product out now and make his shop a full-on one-stop shop for everything wiring-related, as well as supplying other essentials like engine management and alternative options for ignition control.

I mention this because Ryan is close friend of mine and I recently went down to the shop to help him shoot some photos for his products. He’s not too far away from me so I’m always down to cruise by if he needs a hand. DPK David also works for him now and so if you ever call Rywire and hear a voice that doesn’t sound like Ryan’s, it’s David. They’re busy still reorganizing the site and adding new items often but if you guys need anything for your car that’s wiring or electronics-specific, Rywire is the place to call. I believe in what this guy does because I’ve seen his work first hand on more than one occassion. I hear some guys out there that like to talk shit or whatever about how you can do wiring yourself, or one of your fucking homies can do wiring, or only nutriders use Rywire products because of the name, and hey, that’s all fine and dandy. If you feel like you or one of your friends can do wiring that’s fine. When it comes to something that is important and/or essential to keep your car running in optimal condition, such as anything electronic, I would prefer to go to someone that specializes in it and has wired up cars for a living. There’s nothing wrong with spending good money on product. It’s bothersome to go on internet forums and see people talk about stuff they don’t know anything about. “Oh why are you getting Rywire stuff? _________ down the street can do it.” or whatever and these people have probably never actually used quality product. Sometimes people even use that shit as leverage to try to make money off unsuspecting consumers. “Oh you don’t need to go to Rywire, I’ll ‘sponsor’ you and do it cheaper.” Yeah and he’ll hook you up with a drink while he’s tearing your car apart in the dark at his mom’s house in the backyard. You get what I’m saying? That’s like somebody saying “oh why are you going to watch the Iron Man movie? ________down the street can act like Iron Man.” The fuck? Sure he can probably act like it but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be better. These people do it professionally and have experience in that field. That’s like saying “oh why are you watching porn for? _______down the street can fuck this girl and make a movie out of it.” Okay, that may be the case, but there are professionals out there that do it because it is their expertise. Pornstars get paid to fuck. You don’t watch your friend fuck because, like engine harnesses, things don’t always fit right or look right if you don’t have experience putting things in certain places. Either the angles are off, or something doesn’t fit correctly, and sometimes, things are just plain sloppy. I say this because it’s true, and because I can basically compare anything life-related to porn and/or Saved by the Bell(Not the Ms. Bliss Years). Rywire is not a professional love maker, but he will make love to your engine harness and your car’s engine bay will look awesome. Haha, I don’t think it can be said any better. You shouldn’t be watching your friends fuck anyway, because that’s just weird. This isn’t really an advertisement either because there really isn’t any need to. The man’s work speaks for itself. There’s a reason why so many of the top builds in the industry use his stuff. Sometimes he’s so focused on work that even when we hang out and try to get him to talk to asian girls he’s still talking about work. He’s a madman, but in a good way….

Anyways, here’s the product pictures I took. The first time I went to go shoot some stuff for him, I brought on the whole fucking calvalry and had like independent lighting, a fucking sound stage, extension cords, all kinds of photography equipment. That proved to be terribly unnecessary because some of the pictures might have been over exposed, or big shadows were cast. This time around, we just shot in a smaller room where I was able to just use a smaller, 580ex Canon flash and it worked out much better. Alright, enough talking, have a great weekend everyone…

Remember this; in our community where quality and craftsmanship is so sought after…”You get what you pay for.”

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  1. Congrats on the new location. Picture reminds me of Rob and Big.

  2. cool stuff glad you’re no longer in hella nor cal.

  3. Good for him man. He does some good shit.

  4. Great work and craftsmanship right there, and takes great pride in all his work. Good to hear David is on board too. <3 my Rywire products!!

  5. GOOD STUFF RYAN! He personally touched and abused my car 😀

  6. Couldn’t have said it any better. Quality products for quality builds.

  7. NICE! We were just talking about that setup at the birthday bash at NWP. Congrats Ry

  8. cant beat rywire products, just got my harness from them on monday and it is sexy cant wait to put it on, they also have great costumer service like they forgot which pig tail they sent me so they sent me another one to make sure that i had the right one but they had it all right anyways so it was all good.

  9. Quality parts as always, I want this on my next build, congrats to Ryan also.

  10. Congrats to David and Ryan. Top notch products right here.

  11. Ryan doesn’t do cutting and splicing anymore. His harnesses are brand spanking new, every connector, terminal, and wires. less headaches. Rywire ftw. Maybe I’ll catch you at Smoke Eaters sometime, good luck in SoCal.

  12. Congrats on the new shop, I worked with some people that knew Ryan and though he is not from the bay anymore REP IT ALL DAY HOMIE HELLA. I’m currently out of the game but wish to get back into in the near future and work with Ryan and David.

  13. Hi there I am a race car driver at sable speedway and am looking for a wiring harness for my z6 now how does it work can I ripe all the other harnes and plug the new rywire harness into my ecu and engine and go or is there more to it do I still have to use the stock harness with the car thanks willy

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