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This is pretty cool…I got an email from Charles Kha, the editor-in-chief over at Speedhunters, and he wanted me to do something with them for the Speedhunters site since it’s Honda Month. So far there’s been some pretty decent Honda content over there from all over the world. Hopefully I can make it even better by contributing to their site. They sent me this questionnaire about the current state of the Honda community and my thoughts on the past and future of Hondas in the broader spectrum of things. I kinda tend to write more than I have to so I think it’ll be kind of difficult to narrow every question down to 1-2 sentences like they wanted but I’ll see what I can get away with. It’s cool because they also sent these questions to other industry guys like Stephan Papadakis, Katman, and Brandon Leung. For them to consider me important enough to contribute amongst guys like that is definitely an honor. Keep an eye out for that if you guys don’t follow Speedhunters regularly. I’ll be sure to post up the links here when I get the stuff completed and they post it up. They also wanted me to do like a guest blog entry too with images and what not. I’m still thinking about what to do for that but I’m sure it won’t be any different from what you’re used to seeing here….

Other than that, the Mastermind shoot pics are going live early tomorrow morning and I’m also knocking out the last of the orders before I send them all out. If you guys ordered something you will be receiving it very soon. Sorry for the delay, things as you know, have been a bit on the hectic side here. I also have to go to another shoot tonight with Tony and the ItsJDMYO!!! guys. Tony’s been wanting to shoot my car for the longest time and do some video on it so we decided that today would be the best time to do it since he locked down a location to shoot at…

Ok, anyways, I’m sure you guys have seen this post all over the web by now but the Scion FR-S concept (better known to the public as the Toyota FT-86 concept) was officially unveiled at the New York Auto Show yesterday and it looks fucking amazing. I rarely ever get excited for anything Toyota releases nowadays since they’re so geared towards the economy sedan/family car market but when this car was announced, I was pretty interested to see what they would come up with. Having it unveiled under the Scion brand was a bit out of left field but I guess it makes sense since the Scion name is directed more towards the younger market. There has been some minor tweaks to the car itself since it was first unveiled to the world as the FT-86 so that means that it’s getting closer and closer to production. Hopefully the production model looks nearly the same as this car because it would be a shame to see it “humanized” so-to-speak. It’s rare for concepts to reach production in the same state so I guess we will have to wait and see what they change in the future. I know the wheels will definitely not be the same in terms of sizing and for sure the side mirrors will have to go. Those scream “concept car” and will never make it into production like that. The mirrors would never past American safety standards and I doubt people will be willing to shell out high dollar for 20-inch tires or whatever is on the Scion FR-S now. This is supposed to be their entry-level rear-wheel drive sports car so they would have to cut out many things for it to equate to being a “economy sports coupe”. The pictures are great and the Scion FR-S looks great from every angle. I love it and can’t wait to see more of it… You can even download high-res versions of them here

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  1. Baby LF-A..looks awesome!

  2. I was looking forward to this when Honda month was announced over there.

  3. Honda doesn’t have an answer for that. Can’t wait to see it in person and how some of the other car companies react to such a car, RWD economy sports compact, can’t beat that.

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