This is awesome…and stupid…

Maybe some of you guys have caught wind of this by now but I guess there was a Honda-Tech meet this past weekend up in the Northwest and a couple people caught this incident on video. Apparently there was a CR-X that was there at the meet that was in the possession of some girl that apparently was stolen. She didn’t steal it, but the person that traded her for her Integra apparently did steal the car. She doesn’t have the title for the car and just simply traded her Integra away for this CR-X. Well the owner from which the car was stolen from, spotted his CR-X at the meet and decided to take it upon himself to just hop back in the car and take the car back with his own keys. All hell breaks out and this girl goes apeshits, screaming at this guy. You really can’t make out much talking other than the screams of “get the fuck out of my car” but it’s pretty interesting/stupid/hilarious. It is to my understanding that the guy just wanted to get his car back that was stolen away from him and the girl was not educated enough to get a pinkslip for the CR-X that she traded her own car away for. Dude hops in the car, and her homies or whatever come by and start punching the guy through the window and door and rip his shirt and what not, basically attacking him thinking that he was trying to take her car. The police come and I don’t know what the final resolution was, but this is probably one of the most random fucking things I have ever seen. Thank god for the internet and cameras because you simply cannot make this kind of shit up! Haha…enjoy…


Different angle…

and one more angle…

Guess you throw on a pink Honda badge and it equals a pinkslip for the car…Craziest thing was that these dudes were just hitting the guy and not even trying to figure out what was really going on. I’d like to see some young kids try to punch some people down here, all fucking hell would break loose and people would be on the floor sleeping, haha. Honda meets are serious business. Just goes to show you that Honda-Tech has even spilled into real life and that shitty forum brings shitty ass situations to light in the real world. Cars are not trading cards or bags of chips, you can’t just like trade somebody without the proper paperwork. The dude is lucky he even found his old car. Imagine if you were this dude and you show up to an event and spot your once stolen car sitting in the parking lot. Fuck, you better hop back in that shit and take it back. Getting beat up for it is a bit unnecessary but hey, if you love your CR-X that much, punch away…

The white girl drops more F-bombs than an entire Scorsese movie…

Have a good one…

Oh there’s more back story in the video descriptions as well as the comments…

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  1. “I’d like to see some young kids try to punch some people down here, all fucking hell would break loose and people would be on the floor sleeping, haha.”

    LOL! That had me rolling.

  2. Dude in the green shirt looks like Aberman from the Mighty Ducks!

  3. I know a few people that trade cars.. It never works out well. It’s a bad idea.

  4. Funniest thing Ive seen in ages lol thanks.

  5. damn these guys are pussies lol takes 10 guys and the dude still just sitting in the car taking the punches. hes a G and loves his car.

  6. “I’d like to see some young kids try to punch some people down here, all fucking hell would break loose and people would be on the floor sleeping, haha.”

    i think that would happen anywhere, not just “down here”.smh

  7. “Guess you throw on a pink Honda badge and it equals a pinkslip for the car” freaking Joey….you don’t see that all the time…poor guy, found his car got a beating.

  8. Congrats Joey, this post have everyone posting it on fb. LOL

    I’m very sure most of the people in that vid reads the Chronicles. No doubt!

  9. all i can say is the girl looks ferocious…

  10. it was fun filming it haha

  11. Wow! Thats freaking crazy. Good thing the guy didn’t decide to punch on the pedal and hit somebody with the car.

  12. Time for the guy in the CRX to sue those guys that kept punching him. This is America! Sue those asses. Get some money from the settlement so you can buy a better car!

  13. This kind of stuff really pisses me off…. I mean really who raises a girl to trade cars with no paperwork??? I heard all the drama about so and so just wanted the engine back etc etc….but really, you freaking got caught with stolen F_cken property with no papers! You facilitated a thief with your neivity.

    Also I brought a good friend and his son out, he was hoping to turn his son on to something other than video games and teach him what hard work and perseverance can build, instead we saw a bunch of high school drama and duct taped cars. Real way to continue this sport and show off to the next generation.

  14. it’s funny if you play all three at once and try and sync them up. GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY CAAAAAAAR!

  15. no wonder the cops hate us.

  16. that’s why i ALWAYS carry an icepick, reach into my EG window and pull back swiss cheese LOL

  17. That girl’s voice made me want to throw up. After the 100th “get the fuck outta my car” I had to mute it.

  18. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! honda kids living that tuner life. speaking of which, I got my jdm ego valve caps today.

  19. I hope all of the kids taking pop shots a the guy in the car get assalt and battery for hitting that dude. He has enough evidence against them.

  20. Chick is out 2 cars now…those guys are weak, trying to act tough but still couldnt get homeboy out HIS car…hope the guy presses charges against them.

  21. Get out of my fucking car!!!!!

  22. Does anyone know what happened NEXT?

  23. I just wanna thank you for putting Honda-Tech on blast. F that forum!

  24. Holy shit, i bet that girl has never been told no in her life…..

  25. It’s just a fucking Honda, jesus.

    Bitch didn’t have legit ownership proof, although there are more rumors floating about that it got stolen when he let someone test drive it with a signed title on dash.

    Oh fucking well, they could have at least acted mature about it, also, to the guy that wanted to turn his son onto cars, join the DSM crowd, we don’t have silly bitch fights over cars because most the time ours will break down.

    But at least we make power.

  26. lol at white trash/retarded people trying to handle adverse situations

  27. I’m embarrassed for today’s youth and the cars they choose to drive.

  28. Thats…… Idk what any one there was thinking, dude should have parked his car right in front of that one and called the cops.
    Of course, the chick was a total honder-der-er not getting papers, the 10 db’s sorounding the car are just as bad but……. If some one hopped in some ones car like that and went to drive away …. I think id try and help stop them and try to figure out what was going on

  29. Both sides were wrong. Owner should of called the police and wait for them to show up. Technically, he was committing a felony by entering the auto, even which it was his car, but the girl believed to be the owner.

    • No fuck that, if he had waited the chick woulda got a way and drove off, think about it.. you dont have time to think “hey maybe this chick might be in on the car jacking or she really did thought that was her car”,after all that shit is really your damn car under your name too its not going to be a felony because the paper said so. He was smart, he jack his car back so he can safe guard the car until the cops come and bam got his shit back when the authoritys takes it so he dont have to look for his car no more he knows where it is at now.If You had one chance to see your stolen car again you better do what it takes, fuck the circumstances.The fat bitch, was the dumb one for not verifying the paper work when she did the trade.

  30. daym this is some serious … but i understand the true owner of that crx, i would do the same. just hope he gets his car back

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