This just happened.

In light of this past weekend’s events and the videos posted yesterday, I thought that it was appropriate for this to happen…haha…

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  1. Since that was my video, you think you can hook me up with a sticker?

  2. hahah i watched that vid and that B**** is annoying! I would totally rock one of those on my car.

  3. im trying to purchase 2 of these asap

  4. Are these going to be available soon?

  5. Haha this is great! I’d love to get at least one for the next NW meet to piss that moronic female off.

  6. HAHAHA! No way! That is sik.

  7. Will these be available? hella interested.

  8. Hahaha, that is great! Please tell me these will be up to purchase.

  9. Can you make one in pink? =P

  10. I just lol’d all over myself! You gotta make these available to buy

  11. Love the site, But…..yes But; Not that I don’t understand you are very busy especially lately, I think the site has been a bit boring lately. I come here after my now disapoint with NWP wich I feel has kinda gone towards a H-T way lately. (still the best honda forum though…:\.) I feel as though you’ve been lacking in what makes this site different than other blogs, by that I mean you have always said it was different since you post about random things you do and your peers do. It seems like its more of a feature thing lately. I mean obviously you and those around are preparing for eibach and such but no post about it. Like I said i understand you are busy and these preperations are small but i feel like this is something you would have posted before, simple things such as car washes and packing. Maybe there is nothing to post about pre-ebiach but thats not my point, I understand there may be noneof that to post. y main point is that I think that you where more invested in this site in the past and would update even about the smallest thing. It seems like you are getting more into the corporate thing and putting this site on the “backburner”. I yet again pont out i understand you have more important things to be invested especially since this isn’t your job and we have no right to demand you of things. The site is great I guess i’m just complaining because i’m bored and maybe a creeper of u. ahhh. Do your thing that though, I can’t complain since all I see that is profitable from this site is sticker/shirt sales which is not a real income. Props to you for your work with Hondatuning and such. Photography and writing aren’t the easiest thing so, yea props. Disclaimer this is a late night and under the influence post so…yea. My only true complaint is that the comment box is messing up and not allowing to fix my mis-spelled word and other gramatical errors. (Like if i where to add a space or letter it deletes the next letter ) AGain great site and I want to reiterate i am not completely awake or sober and relize some errors but like i said its messing up so not much chance to correct right now. I’m sorry I made you waste your time reading my pointless rant ahhh. (moral of the story don’t drink, smoke the weeds only)

  12. ^^Waste of time to read^^

    WOW I SUCK I should have done some proofreading, and now its letting me correct.AHHHHHHHHHHH Sorry!
    NO HATE ALL PROPS. Continue to do your thing.

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