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I’m gonna throw up the first part of the It’sJDMYo!!! One-Year Anniversary Meet coverage later today but right now, I thought I’d give some of you non-Facebook users a first glimpse at the upcoming Super Street magazine annual Honda Issue. Super Street only does one Honda-exclusive issue a year and I promise you guys, this one has to be the best one yet. How do I know? Well, because I slaved away on it and lost months of sleep to ensure that you guys have great stories to read. I shot the Bisimoto CR-Z for this issue as well as Kane Chan’s timeless EJ1 coupe and I’m very pleased with the pictures. I’m honestly very excited for this issue because I did so much work on it and this has to be some of my best work yet. The issue is set to drop the first week of June so make sure to keep an eye out for it on your local newstands. The cover is going to feature Loreto Garcia’s San Jose Sharks Teal-themed EK and there’s even a little corner of the cover that has a shot that I took of Bisi’s CR-Z. It’s stacked with a bunch of stories on different Hondas from all over the country as well as other parts of the world. One of the cool things that the SS staff decided to do this time around was a crew feature on ATS Garage. They really wanted to cover a team/crew that represented the epitome of well-built Hondas and what better crew than ATS Garage? Other stories in there besides the ones I already mentioned are a ITR from Norcal, a Powerhouse Amuse S2000 monstrosity from China, as well as a K-Series parts buyers guide that features a lot of parts from Rywire. The whole issue is going to be great, I promise. There’s going to be a couple of additional surprised littered throughout the issue as well so please, support print and pick up the annual Super Street Honda Issue…I didn’t lose all kinds of sleep over it for nothing, haha….

Set for newstands on June 7th!!!

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  1. can’t wait for this issue!!

  2. I find myself quite excited at the release of this issue.

  3. I find myself quite excited to release myself on this issue.

    Hi Mike. Hi Ryan.

  4. Yeahh boy! Can’t wait!

  5. Love the cover shot and homo!!

  6. nice, looking forward to this issue .. Support Print and Honda’s!

  7. i released myself now… but still quite excited

  8. What a thumping good read! Can’t wait!

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