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HeyMikeyyyy really requires no introduction. Within the Honda community, he’s become a very familiar name and he hasn’t had a Honda for a couple years now. I’ve known Mikeyyyy for probably over 6 years now and he’s one of my closest homies. Even though he never picks up his phone, I know I can rely on him whenever I need something. He and Tina have been a welcome staple in my life and I always enjoy their company. Many of you know Mikeyyyy, but not that many of you actually know Mikeyyyy, if you know what I mean. DPK David and I were actually talking about this over the weekend when we were all on vacation in Catalina Island. He’s a good man, a great friend, and I appreciate the fact that I can call him a friend. He’s had this Scion xB for awhile now, as long as I’ve known him he’s always had this thing. I don’t know if anyone of you know, but he’s had this xB even long before he had any intentions of building a Honda. The Integra was a cool build but the Scion, I think, has always been his favorite. That’s why he’s had it for so long and never had any intentions of getting rid of it.

Another reason why he never tried to get rid of it was because the car was always fucked up, haha. Oh man, this thing has been through so many stages. The stages that I remember them being in were as follows….it started out fucked up, then got more fucked up, then he fixed it, then it got more fucked up, and then he fixed it again and that’s how it stands today. It’s been in so many stages of “fucked-up” because he’s never been afraid to take any risks and to push the limits of the car, especially when it came to wheel fitment. I remember a time when he had some red Work Meister S1s on it with some cut springs and the wheels sat so aggressively that when he drove on the freeway, the lips of the wheels would hit the fenders and spark. He didn’t even have to hit a bump or anything, the shit would just hit and spark. Definitely not the smartest thing to do but hey, we all grow up and learn along the way. Now he’s on air suspension finally and has his fenders modified and radius’d in such a way that he can literally drive and turn full lock end to end with the car aired all the way down. It’s a crazy sight to see if you haven’t seen the car in person. I almost think that the car looks better when it’s rolling because it just doesn’t make sense how the car can actually drive on the street hammered to the floor. Many of you will probably swear up and down that this xB isn’t functional and that it’s stupid, but hey, function is in the eye of the beholder. It is a fucking Scion xB; it’s not going to see the track any time soon and it’s main purpose is to be a street cruiser. The function, in essence, is to be a street car and that’s definitely what it is. Mikeyyyy put this xB together with his own sense of taste and style and it functions and performs the way HE intended it to. It’s a little wild and probably wayyyy over the top for some of you but you can’t deny the work that was involved to get this xB to this point. Some of the shit he tells me that he has planned to the car even makes me scratch my head sometimes but Mikeyyyy pulls it off. Some of the ideas that goes through this guy’s head makes no sense sometimes but it turns it into reality…

The car belongs on some stance blogs or whatever sites that are focused on wheel fitment alone but today, you’re only going to see these shots here on The Chronicles. I recently was at work doing a shoot for Super Street magazine and Mikeyyyy came out to chill with Salem, Tina, and some other homies. The shoot ended up going really well and wrapped up early so it left me with some time to get some shots of Mikeyyyy’s xB. The location was cool and I already had all the equipment ready so it was as easy as him just rolling up to the spot and me taking the photos. They’re nothing special and there aren’t any dynamic angles or anything, we just wanted to get some shots of the car since I rarely have an opportunity to do so and Mikeyyyy also needed some close-up wheel shots for his Dipped-Parts.com website. The car was kinda dirty because he drives it all the time and it kind of shows in the photos…oh and yes, the wheels are two different colors on each side. He’s always wanted to add color to his CCWs but just never got around to it. Now that he has a booming parts-dipping and plating business, it was the perfect time to show the type of work that he can do. If you ever need anything chrome-plated, powder-coated, dipped, or even gold plated, be sure to head over to DippedParts.com…Tell him that StickyDilJoe sent you and he won’t give a shit but still cut you a good deal on his services…

Usual rules apply, click on the links below for the larger versions. I’ve even attached a full-screen 1080P desktop wallpaper for you guys at the bottom, enjoy…

Larger Version (1400×933)

Larger Version (1400×933)

Larger Version (1400×933)

Larger Version (933×1400)

Larger Version (933×1400)

Larger Version (1400×933)

Desktop-sized image for you guys…

Widescreen Version (1920×1080)

Thanks for looking…




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  1. This car is fucking hilarious to watch mikey drive, he’s working the lanes like he’s nick cage in some car he had a teenage love affair with. Mikey’s excuse “I don’t want to rip out the reflectors on the freeway” lolololol

  2. I was talking to mikeyyy’s dad the other day, we were remembering when this car used to be his sister’s car! Shits been through a lot! hahaha

  3. Mikeyyyy is my hero…LOL

  4. Cant see the pics well, the new layout cut them in half :/

  5. I remember catching air in Mikeyyyy’s xB. We were going through a yellow light at an intersection in Long Beach just after leaving Roscoes. It was completely laid out when we hit it too. He had just got it back from getting the fender fixed at the body shop. That incident cracked the same fender again.

  6. WHERES THE HAM?!?!?!?!

  7. <3 mikey! his cars are always wild! been following his builds years before i met him.

  8. I wonder if Mikey would gold plate my pistol?

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