Attention!! Help Wanted…

Man, this is so fucking ridiculous…I’m still sitting here in disbelief. Alright, so earlier tonight the DPK guys, Big Mike, Supertwinz John, and I all went out to go meet up at Teastation in Cerritos/Artesia area to go grab dinner and chill. I mean, we haven’t had everyone together like this in awhile so it was cool to see everyone. Some of the guys that were there we might not have seen like in the past year or so, so it was kind of a big deal that we actually got everyone together. Anyways, one of the homies had to return a set of black Volk CE28s to another homie and since we were all meeting up for dinner it was the perfect time to do it. We were there probably from like 8pm or so until 11:30pm. We chill outside for awhile and shoot the shit like we usually do, and then Jared from DPK walks over to his white Integra to go move the car so that the wheel exchange could occur. He walks over there and we kind of just see him in the distance stand there, but we don’t think anything of it. After awhile, something doesn’t seem right so I call over to see what was going on, and to make a long story short, somebody bashed out the passenger side window and stole the fucking wheels. The back windows are tinted pretty dark and it’s not exactly easy to see inside, but they still managed to jack the wheels. I didn’t even know shit like this goes down over there because we’ve been there plenty of times. It’s crazy. They didn’t take anything else, didn’t seem to have messed with anything, but the wheels are gone…

I’m making this post, because we need your help. If you know anything about this, heard something from someone, or have any information regarding this matter, we would all appreciate it if you would contact me and let me know. We are offering a finder’s fee, so don’t worry about that and it will be completely anonymous. If you have any information regarding the theft of these wheels, please let me know. It fucking sucks when stupid shit like this happens and if it ever happened to you, I’m sure you would want to know where your stuff is. Again, completely anonymous…I won’t narc you out on the internet or anything. If you know the whereabouts of these wheels, we would really like to know where they are. Everyone please be on the look-out if you know someone selling a set of black 16×7 Volk CE28s or sees an ad or whatever where a set of these suddenly pops up for sale. There are certain things on it where we will be able to identify whether or not they are the wheels in question. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Where it happened: City Plaza in Artestia area off of South St. (Where Teastation, Sweetee Thai, Micasa Bakery are located)

When it happened: Between 8pm – 11:30pm

What happened: A set of black 5×114 16×7 Volk CE28s were stolen out of the trunk of a white DA Integra

If you know anything about this or can direct me to where we can locate these wheels, please contact me at or contact me on @stickydiljoe

Fuck thieves!!!

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  1. i’m speachless……….sorry to hear man. i hope someone comes foward and knows where they are. =(

  2. Damn…ill keep an eye out for em, joey…fuck thrives…

  3. holy shit, fucking people have NO shame.

  4. I’ll keep a lookout in my part of town. Hope you find em’.

  5. fuckin pisses me off and i don’t know any of you personally :/ i’ll scan craigslist and shit for you guys

  6. WTF, shit like this makes me mad, hope you guys find the wheels.

  7. OMG, I can’t believe that shit happened. Hopefully someone steps forward with some information.

  8. the DA didn’t have an alarm ?! it sucks but at the same time you guys have to take some responsibility for them Volks getting yapped, there is NO SUCH THING AS SAFE IN AMERICA ANY MORE, people are fucking BROKE and HUNGRY …. my EG is protected by an alarm AND a .357 snub, real talk ….. fuck thieves, protect what’s yours

  9. That sucks man, Hope you find the wheels.

  10. Sorry to hear that man. Hate this kind of shit. On the lookout…

  11. this is whack. fuck thieves. motherlessfucks.

  12. FUCK THIEVES! Hope the wheels are found, and the thieves get what they deserve.

  13. Yikes, that’s terrible. Scan eBay and Craigslist regularly. I’ve heard stories where parts were jacked, put up on Craigslist, then the thieves busted from the original owner recognizing their parts. Good luck…

  14. Thieves are stupid is just matter of time before the wheels pop up.

  15. Damn that sucks. Hope everything goes well and the wheels come up. Another thing the thief could do is actually keep them and repaint them a different color instead of selling them.

  16. Honestly, could have been a lot worst.


  18. I’ll let you know something, they are thieves from a near by city. They know the area, and just jump on the freeway to their city. I know this as a fact because my car was jacked and I found it at the thieves home after I did my own investigation. The crazy thing is that after a year of the thief being locked up I saw him driving again and lurking.

  19. the people at the restaurant probably set you up, you guys go there all the time and i’m sure you guys arrive in some fly whips, there is a scumbag employed at that restaurant


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