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Blast the fuck outta this shit and spread the word because The Chronicles aka stickydiljoe.com aka “Your Favorite Website’s Favorite Website” has knocked out a collaborative effort with Ken Myoshi and Import Showoff to bring you what might be one of the great grouping of Honda builds that anyone has seen in quite some time. I have a little bit of everything from great, great, GREAT builds from the past, amazing builds that are at the forefront of the Honda community today, and a couple of new builds for the future that the world has yet to see. It’s going to be a sick line-up and I’m so happy that I could get everyone and everything together in such a short amount of time. I don’t want to jinx anything, otherwise cars and competitors will start dropping like flies, but the flyer below will give you a a good hint of who will be appearing at Nisei Showoff this Saturday, August 13th. On top of the guys listed below, I will also have a couple guys from Kosoku as well as Mike G. and the TANK. Be sure to come by Nisei Showoff to see what I have on display for all you guys to enjoy. Showoff is one of the true original car shows of the entire import automotive community and I am proud to be such a huge part of it. Below is the flyer, spread the word for me, thanks!….Part 1 of the Spocom coverage is coming soon. I haven’t been in any rush to post up the pics because they fucking suck! So disappointed with the photos but who well, who the fuck cares, I’ll throw those up later…For now…be excited for this…

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  1. Going to be sick, looking forward to seeing what you being out.

  2. Definitely gonna be awesome Joey! I cant wait! 🙂 :thumbup:

    This show is going to very special to me cause me and my boy Jon(RIP) showed our cars together for first time at Nisei back in 2003 and when I found out Jon’s EG aka MEATWAD was going to be in the lineup I had the biggest smile on my face cause it brought back so many wonderful memories when me and John used to roll to places together in our rides and I cant wait to park TANK next MEATWAD again 🙂 Its definitely a very special reunion for me cause I miss my boy Jon so much and I wish he was he still here today but I know he’s gonna be looking down on Sat. with a huge smile on his face 🙂 Thank you again Joey for making this happen! 🙂

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