Almost time…

Knocking out all kinds of shit for Nisei tomorrow like making sure everyone knows what time to arrive for the “GENERATIONS” section at Nisei Showoff as well as cutting stickers for the event. I will have a booth there to sell goods like last year but I didn’t go crazy with the “Nisei Edition” colorway. Since I am doing a big section dedicated to some of the best builds of the past, present, and possibly future, it has a bit of a “classic” feel to it so I will be doing a Chronicles sticker in a classic “Battleship Grey” on black. I wasn’t too sure how it came out but after putting them together, they look really good. I’m really happy with them. Besides that I will also have the classic Chronicles chrome on black decal but with the newer artwork of the sticker that I used for this year’s Eibach meet. If you don’t know what it looks like, I have included a photo of the grey/black decal below and they both use the same artwork. Just sort of a remix on the classic style that has become probably the most popular Chronicles decal but with the same classic colorway. Be sure to check out the booth and the “GENERATIONS” section this Saturday at Nisei Showoff. I think you guys will be happy with the collection of cars that I’ve put together for you guys…

Spocom 2011 Coverage Part 2 should be coming later tonight…if not, uhh, Sunday or something…



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