I promised myself that I would get some sleep this year because last year I crashed super hard when I got home from Nisei. I set a goal to be in bed by 3:30am and it is now 3:28 am, just hours away from the 2011 Nisei Showoff event and I am pretty excited because this year, I am bringing you guys what might be might of the best collection of Honda builds ever. Just because of the pure history of some of these builds and how many of them were landmark builds in the West Coast Honda community. There are some Hondas that are appearing today that haven’t been at an event since 2005! If you can even grasp that. For you older guys it may not seem like that long ago, but if you really sit back and think about it, man, it has been almost 7 years. In my collaborative effort with Ken Myoshi from Showoff, I set out to have a collection of some of the best Hondas from the past, present, and near future, and this group that I have brought together couldn’t have been any better. Of course there were some cars that I really wanted out there but they just couldn’t make it, or the guys are long gone from the car scene. Either way, this line-up is going to be SICK….


I wanted to keep the roster a secret and debut it at the show, but since we are only a couple hours away anyhow, here is what is in store for Nisei 2011 at the “GENERATIONS” section, presented by none other than THE CHRONICLES…

In the great builds from the past section, we will have…

Parnell Navarro (DA Integra)

Mike G. (The TANK)

Kane Chan (EJ1 Civic coupe)

Jorge Hernandez (EG Civic hatchback)

Matthew Ye with two cars (one of them is a surprise…) (Mugen CRX Pro.2)

Timothy Valbuena (CB Accord)

In the great builds from the present section, we will have…

Chris Sakai (EK Civic)

Ryan Der (EK Civic)

Angel Ramos (S2000)

Anh Truong (DC2R)

David Andrade (EJ1 coupe)

Ryan “Rywire” Basseri (CR-X)

Alex “Sheepey” Soto (S2000)

Big Mike (Prelude)

Michael Schietroma (EM1 coupe)

Ejay Adriano (DA Integra)

Salem from Phaze2 (TSX)

Will Salazar from Circuit Hero (EG hatchback)

In the great builds to come who are making their official debuts at Nisei Showoff, we have…

Loi Song from Sportcar Motion (EG hatchback)

and a brand new build from RC Chacon (EG9)  from Arizona…

I’m telling you, it’s gonna be quite a line-up…come by and check us out and see some great Hondas. If you don’t know these guys names, then you really need to come out and see what these builds are all about…


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  1. Can’t wait to see the coverage, looking forward to see couple cars from that list.

  2. Cant wait to see the pictures of the cars that made it there from the AZ

  3. was cool hanging with everyone and to finally meet Ryan after being internet friends for so long lol.

  4. Line up was great!

  5. love to have something like this on eastcoast !

  6. Proud to have all 3 of the cars I sponsor in your section, Joey! Wish I could have been there. Hope it was great for you guys!

  7. i failed HARD not coming on time, and not being able to represent here. thanks for even considering me a great build from the past joey! and thanks to may for hooking up the melon drank! congrats to all the winners!

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