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Ah man, things are pretty slow lately. I’ve been getting consistent work, which has kept me pretty busy, but site-wise, there just isn’t much to post up or talk about. There is one particular issue that has been a huge topic as of late on the internet, but you know what? I am not going near any of that mess, haha. I have nothing to do with any of it and I am not trying to hurl myself into that giant flame. Anyways, since it’s slow, it got me thinking to back in the early stages of this site back in the day when I really had to sit down for hours and generate my own content. Long before I knew how to turn on a camera, this site was around and I was busy writing about stuff related to our import community. The site was heading in a different direction back then but I’m happy with how much the site has grown over time. Now you guys get a plethora of photos to look at, accompanied by some written content that is decently entertaining…

One of the most popular topics from back then was a series of post that I called “An indepth look at horrible ideas”. This series was about fads that existed then (and now) that I wasn’t particularly fond of. I would talk about various things that were happening that I didn’t like in an angry fashion with a dash of some humor. Looking back at it now, there were some posts where I sounded like I was super angry about shit, but that wasn’t the case. I wasn’t fuming about it and losing sleep over it, I just felt that it was worth noting and something interesting to touch upon. A lot of times, my older viewers related to these posts because they felt a similar way and was happy to see someone finally be vocal about it…

Today, I will post up the series so that some of you newer viewers can take a look at them. You may agree with them and you may totally disagree with them, that is fine…I never created this site with intentions to make people feel a certain way about anything. It is merely a site created based on stuff that I see and things that I have experienced. If you think the posts are stupid, that’s also fine and dandy. I can’t hate on the fact that you have a varying opinion of certain matters. These were meant to be semi-informative and a little comical so read them knowing that there may be points that you don’t like. Take it with a grain of salt if you will… Things have also changed over time so there may be some instances where information may not seem all that correct. Just remember, these were created back in 2009. A lot has changed in 3 years but for the most part, my opinion on these matters have not changed at all. I don’t really do posts like this anymore because I’m not really all that angry about that much shit these days, haha. There are a couple things that I would like to touch upon, but I’m still debating on writing about them…

Check it out, if you don’t like it, move along. If you become enraged and think that I’m stupid for saying what I said, you don’t have to come back. The door is always open for you to come back whenever you like…. Oh, you should probably know by now that I am not a big fan of fake shit, and fake wheels in particular. If you are a big fan of knock-off replica wheels and parts, you probably shouldn’t read some of these posts. Thanks, you’ve been warned. I saw a lot of people getting angry at Jay from JDMEGO a couple days ago for his stance on fake parts and all kinds of people were disliking his blog and leaving. That’s fine too. We don’t have to agree. If you got some stupid shit to say, don’t bother, I don’t really have time to read it…

Okay, click, read, enjoy….At the end of the day “To Each Their Own”. Like what you like and do as you please…

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 1: Stock Wheel Whoring”….

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 2: Uh…Widebody?…”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 3: New/Old Driver Badges…”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 4: A Salute to APC…”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 5: Tow Hook ‘Charms’….”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 6: Fake wheels with authentic stickers…”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 7: The DIY Fail…”

“An indepth look at horrible ideas…Part 8: Fake seats…”

Oh and this one could be included in the series too…

“A Nostalgic Moment…The Supra taillight conversion…”

..and I’m kinda sad I never got around to finishing this…

“The Creation of the Infamous Rotamaster EMO wheel…”

Maybe someday I’ll get around to it…

Thanks for looking…



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  1. this is hilarious! great work.

  2. I’m down for some rotamaster emo stickers.

  3. hahaha I remember those posts, amusing indeed.

  4. Amazingly hilarious write ups man. Some where to close to Home which made it a lot funnier

  5. Jay”s awesome!
    Im dieing for one of those EMO’s shirts!

  6. More shit I have to look at now, I’m still going through IA coverage.

  7. Seriously Joey…I cannot stop laughing!! You are f*ckin hilarious and I love reading your blog. I agree with every one of those posts. haha

  8. Lmao!! 3 of those articles described a friend of mine to the T lol. I would totally rock the Rotamaster shirt by the way.

  9. i imagined aziz ansari narrating some of these old threads. so hilarious!

  10. Fucking hell,

    Best read ever.

    More people need to see this shit!

  11. That shit is hilarious Joey. The rotamaster emo was the best. Lol.

  12. This should be read by anyone getting into the game. it will make the world a happier place.

  13. Hahaha. Very good stuff here =)

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