Well there isn’t much going on out here this weekend. Just taking care of some personal stuff and prepping for Wekfest SF in a couple of weeks. Being that there is nothing really interesting going on over here. I’m going to pass your attention onto some great photos provided by Gawa who shoots for Illmotion, a blog that covers the automotive scene much like this site, but is from Canada. He was kind enough to share these photos from his recent trip to Japan for TAS 2012 and took the time to visit some of the more notable Honda-related tuning shops out there, i.e. Type One, FEEL’s, J’s Racing, etc. Pretty cool that he got to see all that in one trip…I can only imagine how much of a blast it would be if I had a chance to be in his shoes during that trip. Anyways, the links will take you to the NWP4LIFE.com forum where these photos were posted up. I figured there are still a big chunk of you out there who don’t regularly peruse NWP so here’s your chance to see some great photos of stuff you would rarely get to ever see. Big thanks to Gawa/Galen for snapping these photos and also make sure to check out Illmotion.com to read the write-ups on all the shop visits as well as other great content they provide regularly. I know I made a comment awhile back regarding the fact that it’s hard for me to keep up with the automotive community in Canada, but luckily Illmotion provides great content and keeps all of us up to date…

Click here to check out photos from Gawa’s visit to Type One, FEEL’s, and Seeker in Japan…

Click here to check out Gawa’s visit to BackYard Special and J’s Racing… 

…and make sure to check Illmotion’s official website here….

Thanks for looking…


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