TSX Lovers Rejoice…

Not gonna lie, I spent much of the last two days researching and writing a story on the TEC-ART’S Black Limited Trueno from Japan for Super Street magazine. It’s a pretty cool build but writing stories from cars over in Japan can be difficult at times because of the translation issues that arise. Often times I get no more than a spec sheet with parts on it and nothing else. No back story, no history on the car, etc. It’s hard to get a hold of the owners because they don’t usually speak English so I’m left to do research on my own to see if I can come up with a story. The research part is fun though because I always manage to learn something new and I enjoy the challenge of creating an entire story out of nothing but a parts list. I also really enjoy writing stories on builds that are from Japan because they are very different from the builds you see stateside. The mindset of some of these guys are just a far cry from enthusiasts here so I love being able to dig a little deeper to see what is going on in their heads….

All the late nights of internet research is time consuming though and that’s why I haven’t been able to find a moment to sit down and update the site….

Luckily, my buddy Murdock is always out and about shooting cars and he got together with a couple of TSX owners yesterday for a night time photo session. You’ll recognize one of them right away because he is a close buddy of mine but the other two will be fairly new to you guys. You’ve probably seen them in some photos at various events but today, you’ll get to have a closer look at them in better detail. Murdock already started a thread for it on NWP4LIFE so I won’t bother posting all of them here. Just click on the links to see all the images. I know I don’t post nearly as much TSX content as I should. I’ve always been a fan of the first gen. TSX and with more builds popping up, I should definitely devote more time into checking them out. The three that Murdock shot are some good ones and good examples of what direction the TSX community is headed towards. Even if you aren’t really a fan of TSXs, why not expand your horizons and take a look? Who knows, maybe you’ll see something that will make a fan out of you. Time for me to get back to work so peep the link below. Thanks to Murdock for taking these photos…

Click here to see DJ Murdock’s TSX shoot…

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  1. big ups to murdok. nice pics!

  2. Love this, I’ve become an owner of a 05 TL (the meathead sibling to the tsx?) late august of 2011. I’ve taking a massive liking to the TSX. Both look really good

    I’d like to see more TSX’s and TL’s too if possible in the future please =)

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