USDM Jam 9.0 Coverage…Part 3…

Here we go again…back now immediately with part 3 of the ongoing USDM Jam 9.0 coverage, brought to you by your’s truly, the Tactical Art crew, and Mr. Koji Karimata. This update is going up a littler earlier than normal but since I have a big weekend coming up, I have to get started early and that’s why you are seeing this update in early part of the afternoon (out here on the west coast anyway). I’m very happy with the interest that this event has drawn. A lot of you guys seem to be very interested with what is going on over in Japan and there are also many of you who are happy to see the growth of the USDM scene in Japan. I know yesterday I touched on the negative side of it and how many of you didn’t understand it, but I am overjoyed to report that there has been a lot of positive responses to this coverage. It is also always cool to see the Japanese response as well. Though these guys are fully devoted to this style of building their cars, they are surprised to see themselves appear on The Chronicles. Many of them look at the site casually and have no idea what I am talking about. They just come here to stare at photos of American Honda builds by you guys so I’m sure many of them are shocked when their own cars appear on here. I just want these guys to know that I have my eyes on them as well and I am very interested in their work and how they execute their builds. I’m proud to see that we can all share ideas with one another and inspire each other just by sharing photos. Today we will again be looking at a bulk of the coverage provided by Koji Karimata and I will sprinkle in some photos here and there that Yasutaka Shimomukai took. I like how Shimomukai took photos of everything around him that was going on and not just of the cars. There were a lot of duplicates anyways of cars that both these guys took and I didn’t really want to double things up being that there were a lot of photos already. Karimata took some really good shots of the cars that I wanted to see so that’s why you’ll see more actual shots of cars from him…. If I have time, I’ll pop in here over the weekend to close out this coverage of part 4, as there aren’t nearly as many photos as the previous 3 posts but we will see…

Let’s get moving…


Much like events over here, everybody seems to have a camera these days. Where this photos pop up I will never know, but it seems like you can’t even walk around for 5 minutes without walking into someone’s shot….here you see one guy demonstrating the one-armed snap shot pose while the gentleman in the back is using a more traditional pose, haha…Maybe the shutter button is in his pocket or something…


It would be really cool if I was able to set up a booth out there if I were to go to the 10th anniversary USDM Jam show in 2012…here you see a shot of the 10×20 Wek’Sos booth at the show which they shared with Hiro Ueda and KC Trading… Wek’Sos is very popular in Japan so I am sure they made a killing that day…


Yasutaka Shimomukai from Tactical Art and Ken from Wek’Sos got together for a photo during lunch…


Another shot from a different angle of Kei Takafuji’s EG on Meister S1s…


Kazu Imai’s engine bay…



The “Hellaflush”, or what Takeshi refers to as the “HF” style, has become very popular over time in Japan. Some have subtle, true flush fitment, and you have really aggressively cambered-out builds like this EG on custom BBS wheels…


R34 Skyline V-Spec II Nur driving over to its spot at the event… Nothing USDM about this at all but Skylines are a hit no matter where you are. In its country of origin, it is probably their most highly regarded vehicle… This particular R34 is a customer of Mr. Yuya Yasunari from Garage K&K…


I showed you that VW GTI in the background of this photo yesterday in high resolution, but here is another pair of euros representing the VW contingency at USDM Jam…


How fitting that there is a S13 coupe over in Japan that looks practically identical to Brandon Burke’s S13 coupe here, except with a U.S. front end with pop-up headlights. Brandon’s coincidentally enough, has the JDM Silvia front conversion. Crazy that they have the same wheels and everything. I believe this S13, a creation of Masaki Morohashi, came first though and has been in this exact state for a couple of years now… It was pure coincidence that they both have similar looking cars though and neither one of them knew of each other until after their builds were completed…


Z33 Nissan Fairlady Z sitting on a set of gold-face SSR MS1 wheels… Love how simple and straight to the point this Z is… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Always enjoy seeing photos of this Volkswagen Scirocco on OZ Futuras….


This custom Ice Cream truck had to be one of the coolest builds at USDM Jam 9.0… I hope that kid doesn’t actually think that they are serving ice cream though… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Audi TT RS with a lip kit, air suspension, and Incurve wheels… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


MK5 VW GTI with a nice contrast of orange on cream interior…



Yuichi Kimoto’s JDM FD2 Civic Type R to U.S. FA5 Civic Si conversion…. I absolutely love how the Japanese FD2 front and rear looks so this is something I would never do but I can understand why it was done. That’s how you know USDM style has become a hit with Japanese enthusiasts. People are willing to import front and rear ends from a FA5 Civic and doing full-conversions…. Kimoto actually had the same set-up for awhile, in terms of wheels and suspension, without the conversion and it looked great too… Cool that he kept the FD2 rear bumper though…Kimoto probably realized how boring the FA5 rear bumper is, haha…



Tetsuya Yamaguchi’s Integra with U.S. front conversion, shaved and tucked bay, on brand new 16-inch VIP Modular wheels… The car looks a little higher in the front than usual and that could be due to the angle he was parked at. He was probably too busy organizing the event to care….


Ferio representing Osaka JDM/Car Craft Boon on JDM Loop 5s aka Work Meister CR-01… The Loop 5 is a wheel produced by Work, but with more options exclusive only to Osaka JDM… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


A quick interior shot of the Ferio above… just straight gutted-out in the rear and a single Bride seat…


This looks to be a Toyota Starlet with a custom Boser hood…


Another shot of the Porsche 997 from part 1… I love how this Porsche looks and many of you agree, seeing as how the photo from part 1 was the most clicked on photo so far from the series of coverage… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


DA Integra from Akebono on some old school Ewing mesh wheels…


This Civic coupe has a complete USDM EM1 Civic Si conversion. It is probably the most complete EM1 conversion in Japan and the owner even imported the Si roof skin and sun roof. He used to have wheels on this coupe but I think he has ITR wheels on there now after he did his 5-lug swap…


Takahiro Kato’s Integra SiR-G… According to Takeshi, he used to be one of the Japanese enthusiasts who were into the “HF” style but recently went back to having non-aggressive wheel fitment…


Integra Type R slammed on WRD Chevlon mesh wheels… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


EK hatchback on bronze-faced/matte black Barramundi Design wheels… Love the tone on the seats… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Ryuji Yoshino’s CB Accord coupe with Xenon front lip…


EG with BYS front lip, Work Equip 01, and GTS headlight covers…


Yellow EK also on Equip 01 wheels…


Interesting to see an EJ1 coupe with ATS Cup wheels… The owner also has one of my old HellaSUNK stickers and an sticker…cool stuff…


I posted up a photo of this coupe on The Chronicles Facebook page a couple weeks ago and asked what your opinions were on it. It was mostly negative but that’s usually how Facebook comments are these days, haha… I think it would look better if the front vent was the same size as the bumper and the roof was color-matched. I don’t even mind the stripe on the side so much, which many people hated on. The Kaminari sides aren’t bad either. Wheel and tires looks good on there but the front fenders are a new addition…


Really liked Daishi Tanaka’s W201 E190 Mercedes….


I liked this del Sol on BBS wheels a lot more before he sticker-bombed it…at last year’s USDM Jam show it was one of the cleanest cars there….


Another shot of Atuki from Tactical Art’s new U.S. RSX-inspired Honda Integra Type R on CCW LM5s…. Click here for larger version (1400×933)


96-spec Integra Type R on Sprint Hart CP-R… random old school AEM intake on the floor….


SW20 Toyota MR-2 with purple Meisters…


Takeru Tojo’s Honda Element on bronze Volk TE37s from Lowered 2 Perfection car club… I don’t follow too many online blogs but Takeru’s is one I actually follow regularly…. Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Touma Kaga’s EF9 Civic on Gab Sport wheels…and now they are not Rotas… Kaga is also a member of L2P like Takeru Tojo…


Yukihiro Shinohara, also from L2P, is another one of those guys that used to be into the stickerbombed and “HF” style but he’s recently taken on a more subtle approach… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Honda Integra SiR-G on white BBS wheels…This is the same Hypnotic Teal Mica-painted Integra that I posted up a photo of in part 1 during roll-in… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Very clean CD Accord sedan on BBS wheels…. The “Simply Clean” sticker on the windshield is fitting…


Atushi Ishiyama’s DB8 Integra with U.S. 97-01 front end on Dunlop Formula Hart CP-R…


Teru Ito’s turbo Honda Odyssey van on SSR Formula Mesh wheels in a custom blue/teal tone…. I love seeing these vans modded nicely, it puts a smile on my face every time I see one… Click here for larger version (1400×933)


Speaking of nice Odysseys, this one belongs to Hiro Ueda from KC Trading… He has a WEK’SOS banner on his windshield because he is actually good friends with Ken and Adam. I met him earlier this year at Wekfest SF and he often travels out here to visit them. Whenever Ken and Adam are in Japan, he’s also the guy that takes them everywhere and hangs out with them…. Click here for larger version (1400×933)

That is going to close out our coverage for today…back this weekend possibly with the closing portion of our 4-part mini-series. Thanks for looking…

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  1. The car with the “boser” hood is a Toyota EP82 GT Starlet

  2. Freakin awesome cars man! When they take the simple clean approach it looks good. Really good. And I trip when I see the ICB stickers on the windows. Had to blink a few times to make sure I ain’t seeing US cars lolz. Good shit man.

  3. That front vent on that green eg is actually a rare jza70 supra OEM air duct. It looks pretty random, but i thought maybe that gut also has an a70 so he thought he could mix the parts up or something

  4. I was just telling Daishi a few days ago on Facebook how beautiful I thought that Mercedes was. I’d love to see that thing in person. Its gonna be awesome that I’m moving to Nara in a few weeks so I’ll be close to the action in Osaka and I’ll hopefully be able to see some of these rides in person.

  5. I was curious about the difference between loop 5 wheels and the cr01s, wasnt sure if they were manufactured by different people or what. thanks for the info, thats definitely one of the highlights of this blog.. any site can dump a bunch of pictures but it’s nice to get some info on each one (owner’s name, part names, sticker observations).

  6. Also, anyone else notice that in japan they seem to bolt in cages far more than in the US? even some race cars ive seen bolted in…is it so that it’s reversible?

  7. Great Coverage! Love the guest photographers you are showcasing.
    Would you consider adding a spot for information on the camera(s) used?

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