Motion Auto Show 2012…

No Throwback Thursday edition of The Chronicles this week. I’m in the process of gathering some more photos from the past and hopefully by next week, I will have a huge throwback update for you guys. I figured today would be as good of a time as any to tell you guys about the Motion Auto Show this weekend in Long Beach, CA. I’m sure many of you are still catching up on Part 9 of the Rywire ITR Build update so today’s update is “optional” for you to view…


I have to head out to Las Vegas for a couple of days but I will be back in time to head over to the Motion Auto Show to do coverage. Another reason why I will be attending is because I found out a couple weeks ago that I was nominated for a media award that they are presenting to websites-related to our industry. It’s called the “Motion Media Award” and I guess people within the industry took notice of The Chronicles over time and nominated me for the award. It’s a huge honor for me because I had no idea people even cared about this site, haha. It is now down to Performance Auto Sound magazine,, and The Chronicles. It would be a surprise if I won, to be perfectly honest, but either way, it is an honor to be nominated. I never expected anything like that to happen so it is a good feeling to know that what I do here is recognized by my peers. From what it says on their website, this is the first time they have ever done anything like this and I hope that they continue to do it. It is cool that companies and websites are now being noticed for their hard work…

In any case, here is a flyer with all the information on this weekend’s event…


If you people missed out on last year’s Motion 2011 event, I have attached links below to my three-part coverage from last year. It’s technically not really a “throwback” for Thursday but it is a look back into 2011…

Make sure you guys head out to experience the show. I had a great time last year and it was one of the best shows of the year for me, personally. Peep the links below for more shots from last year’s event…There are some scantily-clad females in each post because this show is very import model-oriented so be forewarned….

Motion Auto Show 2011 Coverage…Part 1…(NSFW)

Motion Auto Show 2011 Coverage…Part 2…(NSFW)

Motion Auto Show 2011 Coverage…Part 3…The Finale…(NSFW)

Thanks for looking and see you guys Sunday…


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