Aloha from Hawaii and a shout-out to the fans in Maui…

What’s up everybody… As you all should know by now, I have been in the beautiful islands of Hawaii for the last couple days now for DPK David’s wedding. I have internet access at the place where I am staying as well as a laptop I borrowed so I’ve been able to get online to get some updates up. I still much prefer my regular PC but this will just have to do. I managed to put together the last two portions of the Eibach Honda Meet 2012 Coverage here in my hotel room and have slowly been keeping track of what’s been going on at home. The trip has been absolutely amazing so far by I haven’t really had too many opportunities to pull my camera out to snap photos. Instead, I’ve captured most of my trip in Hawaii through my cell phone and Instagram. If you haven’t joined up, I suggest you do now (search “@stickydiljoe”) because I constantly update it with whatever is going on around me, car-related or not. There were times when I wish that I had my camera with me but it’s honestly just a pain in the ass to have to carry it with me all the time. Cell phone photos aren’t nearly as good as a regular dSLR but it gets the job done. I’ve been able to get some pics on my phone here and there but since the quality isn’t that great and I don’t have much time to go through every single photo, I’ve compiled my trip photos so far into a collage….


That pretty much sums up my trip from the moment I got on the plane until the early morning of Sunday… Click here for larger version (1200×1200)

I’m gonna be here for a couple days more for the rest of my vacation but I will return right in time to kick off FF Battle 4 at Raceline USA on Friday morning. Until then I’ll have some stuff for you to look at here and there and I’ll try to keep everyone entertained…

Now for all my people and followers out here in Maui, Hawaii… I appreciate everyone’s hospitality and their willingness to try to go out of their way to try to meet me and the rest of the people that you see regularly on the site. I’m sorry that I have not been able to respond to each and every one of you out here in Hawaii who have messaged, emailed, and commented. The truth of the matter is, we have all been so concentrated with DPK David’s wedding that I just haven’t had the time to respond. I really do love the fact that all of you have extended your generosity and told me how much you’d like to be able to meet us. I’d love to try to get a meet together but the time frame is so short that it just doesn’t seem plausible. That and I am always out and about so it’s tough for me to drive very far to hang out with you guys, especially not being very familiar with the area….

The other day, however, a fan of The Chronicles posted up a comment telling me about this spot in Lahaina that he works at and how big of a fan he and a couple of the others that work there are of the site. He invited me to check out the restaurant and so I looked it up and it’s actually just 10 minutes away from where we were staying. I talked to everyone that was here about it and they wanted to check it out. Since it was close to where we were staying, we all decided to go check it out. The restaurant, known as Star Noodle, had some really good reviews and we had nothing to eat so it was the easy choice to go try it. If we could meet up with some fellow enthusiasts in the process, why not make a night of it? When we got there, the place was pretty packed and there was an hour and a half wait just to get a table. I asked the host up front if the guy that commented, Sheldon, was around and he said that he was only around from Mon. to Fri. during the week. The wait was longer than expected and it was only going to be worth it if we could meet some of these guys in the process so we just took off and decided to go back another time…

With that said, I’d like to be able to get some of you together to come hang out with us if you want to do so. I mean, it would be weird to break bread with you guys and share a meal but I figured since we were going to Star Noodle to hang out with some fellow Honda heads, why not try to get a couple of the other peeps out there? I plan on heading back Tuesday evening so if you are in Maui and down to drive out, we would love to meet you guys. I know many of you have messaged me informing me that you’d like to meet us and here is your chance. I plan on eating dinner at Star Noodle around 6:30-7 so if you guys in Maui want to come and bring your cars to chill for a bit, how about you guys cruise out around 5pm or so Tuesday? I know it Yeah, it is pretty random but this is a once in a lifetime thing. I don’t know when I’ll be back in Hawaii again so fuck it, why not try to get something going, right? I know at least one of you are from S2Ki and a couple other forums in Hawaii so let your friends know. I’m down to chill for a little bit and check out your rides if you’re down to bring them out. I know it might rain Tuesday out here so don’t blame me if your shit gets dirty, haha. Even if nobody comes out, I’ll be eating at Star Noodle with my group of friends anyways so I got nothing to lose. Plus I’ll be meeting the people at Star Noodle as well and Sheldon tells me that a couple of them are fans of the site.

Here is your chance, it would be cool to meet some of you and this way, I don’t feel bad for not being able to respond to all of you individually about hanging out at various places on the island. I can be kind of a recluse at times any how so there are times when I’d rather just ignore everyone but this is not one of those cases. I’ll have Rywire Ryan, DPK David, and a couple of others with me so it’ll be a good time…

I don’t want to call it a “Mini-Meet” but if you want to come through, fuck it, let’s get it going…


If you want to meet me and a couple of the others from The Chronicles, come out to Star Noodle in Maui on Tuesday, 6/19/2012 at say, 5pm. I know it’s a week day and very short notice so it is perfectly fine if none of you can make it out. It’s all good. But…you guys know what I like to see so bring your A-game, haha. I’m just kidding, it’s all good. See you guys then. Sheldon and the rest of the crew at Star Noodle, see you guys on Tuesday! Thanks ahead for the hospitality and the invite!

June 19, 2012 @5PM
Star Noodle in Maui
286 Kupuohi Street Lahaina Maui, HI 96761
(808) 667-5400

Chronicles x Hawaii! One time only!

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  1. Enjoy your stay sir. Congrats to the newly weds!
    If you ever come to Oahu hit me up 🙂

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