No Time, No Sleep, See Me At Autocon 2012…


I don’t have time to say much because I am in desperate need of some sleep. Reason being is that I’ve been prepping for Autocon 2012 which is happening in a couple of hours. Hope to see you guys out there today because I have some Autocon EXCLUSIVE Chronicles decals that will only be available today at the event. What are they and what does it look like? You’re just going to have to come to fucking find out, haha…


The Chronicles booth will be easy to find because we will be alongside Tony and the Its JDM Yo!! booth. It’s the one with this naked Asian girl in the flyer. I don’t think she’ll be naked but why don’t you just come by and find out. Maybe you can ask her if she plans to get naked in the future, I don’t know. Either way, you can stare at Asians with boobs and that’s just not something you see every weekend. It’ll be a good time so please come by and say what’s up…


Speaking of Asians, May will also be there at The Chronicles booth selling some of her delicious cupcakes that she made on her own and for her new endeavor, Love is Sweet Desserts. They’re fucking delicious, trust me. I eat them all the time and that shit is delcious like 114% of the time. Come by and try them out. They’re only $3 each and 20 percent of the proceeds go to charity. What better way then to stare at tits, buy stickers, and eat cupcakes, all for a good cause! Cupcakes go to charity, money from stickers goes to me so I can eat, and tits are awesome however you want to look at it, or look at them, whatever. I’m out, fuck it. Time for a nap…


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