Updates on the Year.IV Anniversary Meet…

For those of you who aren’t regular Facebook followers, I thought today would be a good time to tell you guys about some recent updates on The Chronicles Year.IV meet. The event is still a little over a month away but I’ve been spending a lot of time getting things together for the meet. Here’s a run down of where we are at right now…

As of 9/13

-VIP Parking up front for the event is still available, but we are at around 60% capacity now. The details on the meet and spots were made available just 9 days ago and we are at over 60%, so don’t sleep on the spots if you plan on attending. They are moving quickly and I wouldn’t be surprised if the event was sold out weeks before the event even takes place. From previous experience, spots have been going a lot faster this year so I think we may be expecting a much larger crowd this time around. To reserve your VIP parking, CLICK HERE….

-The lay-out will remain the same as before, but with more vendors this time around. Downstar Inc. will be there along with Style Over Comfort and It’s JDM Yo!! There are a couple more but I am waiting on confirmation from them.

-I ordered the trophies for Year.IV yesterday and I’ll post photos of them as soon as they come in. I’ll have awards for “BEST HONDA”, “BEST NON-HONDA”, “BEST ENGINE BAY”, “THE CHRONICLES’ CHOICE”, and a new award for this year, which is the “MOST IMPROVED BUILD” award that goes to an individual who hasn’t completed their build yet but has made huge strides in 2012.

-I heard from our friends from Tactical Art Japan that they may be coming out for Year.IV. They mentioned that they wanted to come a few months ago and from what they’ve been telling me, it sounds like they will be there. These guys are huge Honda enthusiasts so I’m sure they are pretty excited to see all your cars at the meet.

That’s about it for now. If you are hearing about this event for the first time, please view the links below to catch up on what is going on and what Year.IV is all about. If you are on Facebook, I suggest you follow the official FB event page to get the latest details on the event…



THE CHRONICLES STOREFRONT (For merchandise or if you want to reserve your Year.IV parking spot)

See you guys there!! More updates to come as I get them!!

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