On Tap For YEAR.IV…

Damn, can’t believe it’s only days away from the official 4-year anniversary celebration of The Chronicles. It has been a fun ride so far so it’d be great to close it out for the year with a great event and provide us with a good amount of positive momentum heading into 2013. As you guys have already heard by now, we are completely sold out up front for the VIP area at the Eibach Springs facility. For those of you who plan on just coming to hang out or couldn’t get a hold of a VIP spot in time, I invite you guys to bring your cars out and park inside the Eibach facility along the sides and rear of the building. You don’t have to worry about parking outside because there should be plenty of room to accommodate everyone. Just show up around 1pm, park and have a good time with everyone. It should be a good day and our biggest anniversary meet yet. Today I just want to give you guys a rundown of what’s gonna be available for everyone at Year.IV this weekend. We got some cool new merchandise, some special guests, and some good friends of ours who are vendors…

      • As for our vendor friends, you can expect to see the guys from Style Over Comfort (SOC), It’s JDM Yo!!, Autofashion USA, NWP4LIFE, Downstar Inc. (Bolt Boys!), and Mighty Club. When I first started doing these anniversary events, I really didn’t want to have a ton of vendors there because it really wasn’t about making money. It was more an event where we just went out to chill for a couple of hours to celebrate that year. For this year, I invited these guys personally to come to Year.IV because they have been a huge part of the support system for stickydiljoe.com over time and I really want them to be able to represent not only what they are about, but also their brands. I didn’t charge these guys for vendor spaces nor do I think I should have. They’re honestly close friends of The Chronicles so it is only fitting that they are there for the festivities…
      • I didn’t really expect this at all, but we actually will have some very good friends of ours from Japan coming into town to hang out at Year.IV. One of the reasons why I decided on having this event this weekend was because SEMA is just a week away and there were going to be some people from all over coming to the U.S. The Tactical Art guys have been telling me all year that they were coming out but I never took it seriously. When I found out that they were actually flying out, I decided to choose this weekend so that they could take advantage of the time and be here for the meet and SEMA the next. Atuki, Yasutaka, and the rest of the Tactical Art guys will be here with possibly some other people from HKS Japan. I look forward to having them there because it’s been exactly a year since I first met them last year in Las Vegas during SEMA. They’ve become big followers of The Chronicles this past year and I’m honored to have them at Year.IV. These are some legit car guys that share a mutual love of cars like all of us…_DSC5271
      • Another special guest we will be having from Japan is Hiro Ueda from KC Trading. Hiro is friends with the Wek’Sos guys and I’ve had the opportunity to meet him at various events these past two years. He’s a very well-respected guy in the Japanese automotive tuning community and has had his hands on a ton of really big projects over there. He hit me up a couple days ago to let me know he was coming and I was surprised. He wanted to break bread and have some drinks with all of us so I figure we’re gonna go chill after the meet. Pretty cool to have him because he’s a big fan of the U.S. import scene here and I always like having people around who have a genuine passion for cars like me, no matter what their country of origin happens to be…
      • If that wasn’t cool enough, I got an email a month or so back from a guy who I did a Super Street story on not too long ago. He’s got a beautifully-built, timeless, S13 coupe and he contacted me to let me know that he was going to start being a U.S. distributor for Barramundi Designs from Japan. For those of you unfamiliar, Barramundi wheels are a lot like CCW here in the U.S. They design and build custom forged wheels and in the last couple of years, they’ve become pretty popular in Japan. I’ve been following their company ever since I first saw their wheels on a Honda in Japan and I don’t think you’ll find another site out there that has mentioned them as much as I have here in the United States. Well, knowing that, Steven Lam has expedited a custom set of Barramundi Designs wheels just in time for Year.IV and wants to debut them on his S13 at my event. I was stoked because I honestly have yet to actually see a set in person myself. The only set I know of in the U.S. currently are the set on a Civic Wagon from Team NSU. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of reception and reactions it gets when people at the event see them in person …

Other than that, here is some cool stuff I’ll be having at The Chronicles booth this weekend…


While I am on the cusp of my fourth year doing The Chronicles/Stickydiljoe.com, Yonas Liu has been doing the JDMYard thing for a decade now. He recently celebrated his ten year anniversary and made some special t-shirts to commemorate the milestone. JDMYard is pretty well known here in the Honda scene now but Yonas has yet to ever set foot on U.S. shores (Other than for personal reasons). Well, he and I decided to celebrate both of our anniversaries by having me import a limited (VERY LIMITED) batch of his JDMYard Tenth Anniversary t-shirts straight from Australia! I really wanted to get a hold of some shirts for myself but I liked these shirts so much that I wanted to give you guys here an opportunity to get some of these shirts for safe-keeping. I just received them last Friday and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the shirts. Props to Yonas and JDMYard for doing it big for the last decade. In this industry, businesses come and go and it’s hard for a company to stick around for five years, let alone ten. Make sure to stop by the booth and grab some of these while you can. They are very limited because it honestly cost me quite a bit to import these over here. Sizes are only available from medium to XL. Again, very limited so get them as soon as possible!!


One final announcement that I have for you guys for Year.IV is the officially debut of the first-ever stickydiljoe.com zip-up hoodies! People have been bugging me to make hoodies for a long time now so here they are, just in time for winter. I decided to make a batch because I finally managed to have the resources to actually afford to get these made. I don’t know if I’m going to do another batch because it really depends on how they do this weekend. Hoodies you can pretty much wear any time, anywhere, so I’m sure they will move quickly. If they are anything like the t-shirts were in the beginning of the year, they’ll be sold-out before I even realize it. They will come in dark grey with basically all sizes available except for small and like 4X or some shit. I don’t know who wears a 4XL anyway so I didn’t want to risk having them sit around in my bedroom forever… I know I’m gonna keep one for myself and rock it all winter and I hope you guys come out and cop these too…

Well, that’s about it. It’s just a matter of preparing for the event for the next couple days. Hope to see all of you out there because it would be great if you came. Happy Birthday to The Chronicles and well, I guess I’ll see everyone on Saturday…



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  1. Aside from your celebration Joey, do you have the feeling that Barramundi designed wheels will be eventually copied by the knock off wheel companies? I’m glad to see you decided to make some hoodies as well!

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