It’s winding down to Saturday’s Year.IV anniversary event and both May and I are rigorously prepping for it. A couple of our Japanese friends are already in town for the event and I look forward to hanging out with them but I just haven’t been able to find any time to see them before that with SEMA work coming up as well as all that goes into planning this meet. I had to stop by Home Depot yesterday evening to pick up some stuff for the event and since I was coming back from covering a build for SEMA, I decided to stop at the Home Depot over in Norwalk. I used to live over in that area for about a year and totally forgot that they do a classic car show in the Home Depot parking lot every Wednesday. It’s not a huge show or anything, but it’s something that they regularly do just to hang out like all car enthusiasts do. They are a significantly older crowd so the cops never mess with them and they just hang out for a couple of hours. It totally skipped my mind that it was Wednesday but it was a good thing I already had my camera with me already. I had a ton of shit to do still but I just can’t pass up a car-related event, especially when it just happened to be there at the right time. I went over to the Home Depot, grabbed what I needed, loaded up the car, and then walked over to the lot to check it out. Though there were probably only like 20 or so cars in attendance, it served as a good distraction and to give me a sense of peace during all the madness from this week. I planned the meet the weekend before SEMA thinking it would be easier for everyone to go, especially the Japanese homies, since they were already going to be in town but I had no idea that work was going to be this crazy this month. Luckily I’ve been able to manage my time and everything seems to be going at a steady pace… In any case, enjoy the small batch of photos below. I was just messing around with the camera and not really trying to get anything in particular. There’s always a sense of calm when I can just have the camera and be on my own… it’s almost relaxing…

I don’t have time to provide the descriptions like I always do but I think the shots speak for themselves…thanks for looking and see you all this weekend…



















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  1. Great work – great coverage. 🙂
    really nice shots; they have a nice feel to them, and i love thee smaller details.

  2. Damn it’s all in the details…

  3. wow very impressive

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