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The above photo seems random but it is a photo that I took just a couple of minutes ago of my view from my hotel in Washington. I’m actually in Seattle right now for work but since there isn’t really anything else going on, I thought I’d pass along these photos of this really clean EG from Thailand.

I normally don’t post up photos of user-submitted builds because then I would just get a never-ending stream of photos from people who want their car “featured” on the site. I get them occasionally and I look at them, but this is probably the first time I’ve ever taken a set of photos and actually put them up on the site. I’m contemplating the idea of possibly doing like a Chronicles Facebook feature once per month but it is still in the early stages of planning. The reason I’m posting this up today is because I really like the fact that this EG is really well-rounded, it still has a single cam D15B in it, and the car is from Thailand. I’ve seen some of the crazy VIP builds from Thailand but I rarely ever see nicely done-up Hondas from there. I remember back when I had a CB Accord there was a Thai CB forum that had some really clean rides but I’ve never looked beyond that…

I don’t know much about this car but it’s simple enough where you can kind of figure out what is going on with it just by looking through the photos. I love the orange color on the TEs and with the nicely tucked bay, it sort of has a timeless quality about it…

I gotta get back to work so enjoy the photos and I’ll try to keep you guys updated on what I’m doing through the weekend via my Instagram feed. If you have the app, follow me @stickydiljoe because there is much more content on there that you wouldn’t otherwise see on the site or on Facebook…








Nice right?…

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  1. pretty refreshed to see a clean d series in a clean eg

  2. I’m really glad to see the northwest getting more exposure and attention! Although i am more than grateful to see apart of my teenage years (the IHOP off of pac highway) displayed on on of my favorite sites. I really miss the scene out there since i am stationed on the east coast. Keep doing what you do Joey we all appreciate what you do on the daily! P.S. I’m sorry you had to photograph in Seattle weather i know from experience how crappy it can be.

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