Thank You To The NW…

It is trips like these that are a great reminder of why I love my job so much. I set off to Seattle, WA last Thursday to shoot some cars for Super Street and I am currently still up in the Northwest. Overall, it has been a blast and despite the random ass weather, everything was awesome. I got a ton of work done while I was here and shot a bunch of different cars, some actually from Washington, and some from neighboring areas. The best part of the trip had to have been the opportunity to spend some time with some of my friends from Team Trik Speed. I rarely get to see these guys since we are so far away from each other so I cherish the times where we get to just chill. I’ll tell you guys more about it when I get back since I have a ton of extra shots for the site, but I’m gonna leave you with an outtake from a shoot I did with one of my favorite EKs of all-time… I’ll be back with more when I get home tomorrow evening…


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  1. can’t wait to see the shots of reggie’s DC2 ~

  2. Your posts are always a good read! Love me the old school hatch.

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    Love me the old school hatch. Here’s a great shot of one from The Chronicles.

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