Must See… Falken Honda Advertorial From Conception To Reality…

The endlessly talented photographer Steve Demmitt shows us how the Falken Honda Advertorial comes together from beginning to the final product in a post he recently uploaded to If you guys remember, I was there that day covering the shoot itself and also posted a behind-the-scenes look HERE. Now you get to see how it all comes together through the eyes of the photographer himself. It’s pretty awesome stuff and just crazy to even think of how much work and time went into this one piece. Please check it out if you’re a Honda guy or just a photography enthusiast, you’ll learn a lot and it’s a rare opportunity to see how stuff like this comes together. Normally when you see an ad on a back of a magazine, you sort of just glance at it and toss the book down after you’re done reading what’s inside. Well, hopefully you get a better understanding of just
how much effort is required to make these ads look the way they do. It’s not just glance and toss stuff. This will give you an unprecedented amount of appreciation for the craft…

Behind-the-scenes video here… and then click the link below to take you over to Steve Demmitt’s post. Thanks for looking…

Falken Tire: Honda Tuner Cars – Group Photo Shoot

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  2. Bad ass-ness is not an accident. Awesome work!

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