Catching Up With The Phaze2 DC2 Integra…

Happy weekend all, just thought I’d drop these photos off here for you guys to look at since I was pretty happy with how they came out. I took some quick photos of HeyMikeyyyy’s DC2 a couple days ago after we all hung out for dinner. I had just made the drive back from Super Street magazine’s FF Battle 5 event and our buddy Sam was having a small gathering over at his restaurant. We decided to head over there to chill and after we ate dinner together, we made our way over to Chinatown. DJ Murdok likes to shoot at this one spot over there and it’s a pretty quiet area where we would be undisturbed. I already had my camera with me since I had spent the day covering the FF Battle 5 event so I decided to get some captures of Mikeyyyy’s car. It was my first time seeing his car on the new CCW D11L wheels and I really dig the new look. I think the car just looks better with a square, non-staggered, set-up with a little bit of a meatier tire. Sorry the shots are all kind of from the same angle but I really wasn’t trying to do like a “full feature” on it or anything. The car was just parked there by the sidewalk and so I pulled out the camera. It’s been a while since I had really shot anything other than at an event so it was nice to just be able to get some good still shots to play with on the computer. I can’t even remember the last time I shot at night either but I was satisfied with the overall results. I think Mikeyyyy is planning to get the car repainted soon so maybe I’ll try to get some better shots of it after it has been resprayed. The car is far from perfect and has seen its years of wear and tear but there has always been something so undeniably “cool” about the car. It screams of Mikeyyyy and I’m just happy to see him with this car again after he sold it a couple years ago and recently was reunited with it. Anyways, I don’t want to talk your head off since it’s a weekend and you guys probably have better shit to do than to look at stuff here so just enjoy them at your own pace…

Photos were all shot with a Canon 5DMKII with no strobes, just ambient light and a tripod. Cleaned-up afterwards on the PC of course. As usual, you can download larger versions of the photos below if you just click on the photo you want to save. Please don’t alter these photos in any way or crop my watermarks, or do any of that shady shit where you pretend that these are your own. I know there are scumbags out there that will probably do it anyways but hopefully people will do the honorable thing and not fuck with my work. Thanks for looking and have a great weekend…









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  1. sick wheels…I love them! I also like the fact that they are not staggered like u said. this is prolly my favorite look of mikey’s ride!!!!

  2. Damn these pics remind me of GTA5 mixed with NFS underground lmfao, extremely live pics. Kudos mr.Lee

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    Catching Up With The Phaze2 DC2 Integra…

  4. i love that first pic its on fire!!

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