The Countdown To YEAR//FIVE…


Alright folks, we are less than a day away from the YEAR//FIVE Chronicles’ Anniversary event. Just wanted to give you guys some quick updates on the entire meet if you haven’t been keeping up-to-date via the official YEAR//FIVE Facebook page. I suggest you guys head over there for all the latest news leading up to the event itself. It’ll give you some insight as to everything that is going on or any questions you may have. With that said, here are FIVE important things that you need to understand for YEAR//FIVE…

1. BE PUNCTUAL. The YEAR//FIVE event is one of those rare times when you are asked to actually show up on time or even a little later. PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY. Why? Because you being there during the hours before the event opens to the public will cause traffic and mayhem for those who purchased a VIP parking spot in the front of the Eibach Springs facility. People who registered have a specific time that they need to come and park inside so if you are there and do not have a spot, you will be in there way. I appreciate those of you who want to come to take photos of the roll-in process and what not but it is honestly not that exciting at all. You will have plenty of time to take photos when the event starts so please come when the gates open at 1 PM and no earlier.

If you block the flow of traffic and the set-up process, you will put the event in jeopardy and may possibly get us shut down if traffic builds up because you are in the way and the police have to come. Like I said on Instagram, do not be “That Guy” that comes and does something stupid and doesn’t follow directions, thus ruining the event for everyone. There was a lot of time and work invested into planning this event for it all to flow seamlessly. Do not interrupt that process. Thank you.

2. PARKING WITHIN THE EIBACH FACILITY IS AVAILABLE AND FREE TO SPECTATORS. Like every year that I’ve been doing this event, there will be parking provided for spectators along the sides and rear of the building for free. The facility is also massive and can hold over 400 cars quite easily so you will have room to park. You do not need to worry about parking your car outside and we actually prefer that you DO NOT park outside. There are adjacent businesses that are open on Saturday and we do not want to interrupt their business with you parking in their lot or blocking traffic for them. You simple show-up at 1pm, drive inside the venue and park along the side and rear of the building. The front is reserved strictly for people who reserved a VIP parking spot. There is plenty of room inside the facility and we have never even come close to filling it up in the past. THERE IS ALSO NO SPECTATOR ENTRANCE FEE. IT IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

3. THE VIP AREA IS FULL. Please do not ask if I have any parking spots open to park up front. The front is actually over sold this year just to alleviate any potential spots being left open by cars that don’t make it or people that had a change of plans. If there is space open up front, it has already been filled. DO NOT attempt to sneak up into the front VIP area otherwise you will be asked to leave the event altogether. Just park with the spectators inside the venue. Many people like you also did not purchase a VIP spot in time and will be parked in the venue just like everyone else. JUST NOT IN THE VIP AREA.

4. BE COURTEOUS. This event was organized by enthusiasts much like yourself that take the time out of their schedules to help out and to make the event a good one for you. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR OWN TRASH AND DO NOT MAKE A MESS!! The Eibach Springs facility is not your personal trash can and Eibach was nice enough to let us use this spot to hold this event. Just be a kind human being and pick up after yourself. If you see trash around, maybe you can even help us pick it up. We are all enthusiasts joined together to have fun at an event. We are not fully staffed with people paid to specifically clean up your mess. Don’t leave baby diapers, food, drinks, trash, etc. anywhere other than the trash can. We are all grown-ups as well and I shouldn’t have to remind you how to keep clean. I’ve spent months and months planning this event, I don’t want to spend hours afterward picking up your trash. Thank you.

5. HAVE A GREAT TIME. The Chronicles anniversary events have always been about great cars and great people. I’ve made an effort to keep this event small so that it only caters to people that care about The Chronicles and have been supporters of my endeavors. Come by and feel free to chat with any and everyone there. We will have guests from all over the world at YEAR//FIVE so don’t be afraid to approach anyone to say what’s up. As long as people follow the general guidelines, everything will run smoothly like it always has and it’ll be a great event to remember. There will be food and drink available and of course, at the end of the day, we will present awards to some of our favorite cars that day and it should be pretty neat. Thank you for the support and I hope that you all have a awesome, memorable, time tomorrow.

I’ve had people inquire about what merchandise will be available since I always have some limited edition goods for sale at my anniversary events…

As far as decals go, I will have some of the usual favorites but will also have a ton of really limited stuff. The material is a bit hard to photograph so please check out the Instagram video below…


The double gold chrome decal is actually incredibly limited since I only had so much material to produce them. I’d say there were about 15 total of those so I would grab those right away if you want one. The rest I have a pretty good amount of and whatever is left over, if there is any, will go up on The Chronicles store front later after SEMA.


There are a limited run of Chronicles Version 5 t-shirts as well but unlike the usual black that they come in, the YEAR//FIVE batch will be in a dark grey heather tee. I personally love how these came out and hopefully you guys dig them too. I know many of you have probably worn the living hell out of the black ones already so why not pick up a grey limited edition tee?…


New for the YEAR//FIVE event are these zip-up black Ver. 5 Chronicles hoodies. Last year, I made a batch of grey ones in the 2012 design and they were a huge hit. The only downside to them was that they were pullovers and I know many of you prefer zip-up hoodies. For this year, I’ve done the hoodies in black, with the Ver. 5 design, in zip-up form. The material is very high quality and are the same type of zip-ups that companies like Quicksilver uses so they should last you a very long time, unless you live in the woods or something, then you are on your own and I can’t guarantee anything, haha…

With all that, I will have Chronicles license plate frames as well along with some other goodies for you guys. Make sure you cop some gear if you support The Chronicles. It’d be much appreciated!..

That’s pretty much it. If you have anymore questions, please refer to the YEAR//FIVE FAQ that is linked up at the very top of this page. It should answer all your questions and if you do have something dire that needs to be answered please feel free to post up on the official YEAR//FIVE Facebook page. Thanks and see everyone soon!!…



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