THE ARCHIVES: Randy Auyeung’s Honda Civic from HCI Magazine July 2005….


Taking it pretty far back on this Monday…Nearly 9 years if you’re counting. Today, we’re going to take our next look into THE ARCHIVES Series featuring none other than Randy Auyeung’s turbo Civic hatchback from PlusONE crew. You probably remember it more during it’s later stages when it was dumped with a White Crow front bumper, but it was featured in HCI Magazine in 2005 with a full Mugen-themed look. I never knew Randy personally or ever got acquainted with him, but I have a lot of friends who were familiar with him and we were all big fans of his build. Back then, you didn’t really worry about wheel fitment or crazy tucked engine bays. You just wanted your car to be as low as possible on 15 or 16-inch wheels and if you were willing to take a risk with your motor, you’d turbocharge it. If anything, Randy’s Civic defines the look of the early-mid 2000s. It was a very clean car but not clean enough where you would ever suspect him of not driving the car. You could tell that the car was driven and he made the rounds going from show to show all over California. The car progressed much more after this state of course and was even repainted. He was pretty much known for having the White Crow/BYS lip combo on his car and I think even if you mentioned the words “White Crow” today, you’d think of Randy’s car. I remember it the most when it was in this stage: CLICK HERE. This I think was when the car was at its absolute best. From the color to the parts selection and all just looked great. You can still find a lot of photos on it online since it was a build that a lot of people looked up to but we’re going to look at some rare, older shots of it by Gene Tjin. If you’re wondering, this car was later sold to a friend of Randy’s, Albert, and he tried bringing it back to life a couple years ago before eventually parting it out…

Gene, as I have mentioned in the previous posts from THE ARCHIVES, is the reason why these types of posts are possible. He was able to save a lot of these photos in their original sizes so that I could re-edit them and fit them to the format of our current digital era. For how old these photos are, I think they came out pretty good. They were all shot with natural light with nothing but a dSLR. Photography was much simpler back then as well and not everyone had the equipment that they do today. Thanks once again to Gene. Check out his blog if he ever updates it HERE.…The guy is too busy these days building custom cars for manufacturers and being a full-time dad to pick up a camera and shoot but I appreciate the fact that he put in work back then and actually saved it all…

As always, if you click the individual photos, they will take you to larger, higher-resolution, versions of each photo. Please, if you plan to re-post them, do not alter them in anyway. These are pretty rare shots that are exclusive to The Chronicles and I’d like for people to know that THE ARCHIVES Series exists and that Gene and I are the ones working together to re-release these to the public. Be courteous and provide credit where it is due, thanks….


In 2005, PlusONE Randy’s Civic featured a Mugen front lip, Mugen sideskirts…


15-inch Sprint Hart CP-F wheels…


…with Mugen Active Gate front brakes….


Mugen exhaust that you rarely see these days…



The interior had Bride Brix I seats, Takata safety harnesses, Mugen steering wheels, Mugen shift knob, and a Cusco bolt-in roll cage with separate B and C-pillar bars…



Boosted LS-swap with Turbonetics turbocharger…



Thanks for looking!

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  1. Any idea what the paint code is for that color? I absolutely love it!

  2. Any idea what the paint code is for this color? I absolutely love it! Great post.

  3. It looks like Lexus Desert sage green

  4. Love your site, I’ve been following it since the beginning. I really like the Archives posts, but I was wondering if you would ever do an Archives post with pics from earlier cars like Jay Smith’s hatch or teg, some of the FF-Squad cars, remastered pics from JDM Wong’s EG, or Eddie Hahm’s EG. These are the cars (in my very humble opinion) that paved the way for many of the great builds you feature. Just a thought. Keep up the good work, love the site!

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