The Chronicles Top Ten Hondas of 2013…#1…


Now that you’ve read through selections 2-10, I’m sure you’re eager to see who owns the #1 Honda build of 2013. Well, without further adieu, here is THE best Honda build of MMXIII….



Those of you “in the know” should have long expected Will Wang’s Mugen del Sol to land at the number one spot on the 2013 Top Ten Hondas list. Simply put, it is the best build of the calendar year and beyond. It was planned for his build to originally be a part of the 2012 Top Ten list but I just felt that his ’13 would be better and I was right. He continued to make detailed changes to his build and started off the year by landing on the cover of Honda Tuning magazine. His standing as the best build of the year was his to lose. The only thing missing to really seal the deal was the fact that I hadn’t seen the car for myself. When I was presented with the opportunity to go to Wekfest New Jersey, it was also my chance to see the car in full detail in person…



He was very well-spoken and I found it very interesting that he had his parents there at the show with him. Once I got to know more about him, I learned that his father was a huge inspiration to him as he was an automotive enthusiast as well, so it made sense that he was there to witness just how big of an impact his son’s build had had on his fellow car people. Will left Wekfest New Jersey that day garnering the 2nd place Best of Show award which in a sea of some great cars of all makes and models, was a high honor…



I love everything about this build. All this work being put into such an unpopular Honda platform only makes it better and shows that Will knows what he is doing. He’s made some choices in the past with the car that would make people scratch their head but there is a growing process with everyone when it comes to building cars. This is Will’s first and only car that he has ever built so it was a pleasure to see the car in its finest state. The car was once shot for Honda Tuning a couple years back and Will even personally contacted the head editor to ask that he not move forward with the feature because he was going to redo the entire car to make it better. That’s a big risk when you put it into perspective because you don’t even know if the editor will like the build after the transformation. You don’t have too many guys calling the offices of a major publication and asking for them to NOT run their car and expect for them to want to run it again later. It was a ballsy move but the pay-off was great…





I consider his del Sol to be the best of 2013 because it not only is the most well-rounded of all, it was also done to a level of quality that I don’t think was easily matched. It has all the legit and rare Mugen parts that any diehard could ever want, combined with a built K24 swap that makes very good power in a chassis that was rebuilt from the ground-up. The engine bay, which I put a heavy emphasis on, is one of the best I have ever seen and to know that he even took the time to build the entire motor shows his level of dedication. Some would just polish some parts and make the bay look good. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if the car has the power to boot because you took the time to build it internally, you have yourself a Honda build that stands above everyone else…





Of all the years that I’ve been doing these lists, Will’s was perhaps the easiest choice to make as the number one pick. His labor of love speaks for itself and it is admirable that he saw his one and only project car through to this stage. It’s a masterful build and I think we can all take something from this type of quality. Congratulations Will Wang, your hard work has not gone unnoticed, you own the #1 Honda build of 2013….

Here is a great video that provides some insight into the mindset of Will Wang and his Mugen del Sol….

For those looking for more in-depth coverage of his build-up, CLICK HERE

Additionally, if you want to read more about Will’s del Sol, CLICK HERE to see its full spread in Honda Tuning magazine…



That’s a wrap on another year of incredible builds. Let’s hope the 2014 list will be better than ever. I’m already in Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon so it’s time for bed. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Very inspirational build. Solid choice.

  2. Can’t be mad at that! Amazing Del Sol build by Will Wang.

  3. Awesome choice!! Vid was a great addition too….his Dad is awesome!

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