Up to NO GOOD…


This whole journey in Japan has been incredible so far. If there is one photo that I think captures the essence of one of the most memorable moments of my entire trip, it would be the photo above that I captured on my cell phone of two members from the legendary NO GOOD RACING car club. I edited and aged the photo purposely to look dated because I think it really parallels this important moment with the rich history of Osaka’s Kanjo racing culture. Something about the intensity of this photo that really utters their loyalty and dedication to the infamous “NO GOOD RACING” namesake…. Stay tuned because soon, I will provide unprecedented (and completely NEW) coverage of one of Osaka’s most notorious underground activities, captured exclusively for The Chronicles.

There is NO RIVAL. There is NO EQUAL.


7 thoughts

  1. You should be the creative director if they ever come out with a Kanjo Racing video game for PS & XBOX..
    Maybe you can make it happen.. Don’t forget the online mode. Great work as always though… Looking forward for the rest..


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