Kday 2013 Coverage…The Lost Photos…Part 2 of 2…

Happy Friday all… I was trying to get the rest of these photos up yesterday but was caught up doing a bunch of other shit and driving around all over Orange County so I didn’t get a moment to sit down at the office to knock these out. As mentioned in Part 1, these are photos from the Kday 2013 event that somehow managed to get lost in my computer’s hard drive. It rarely opens but there are those times when I just have too much content to post that I miss out on some really good photos. Koji Karimata did a great job of getting these shots so I didn’t want them to go to waste. While Shota Mori typically covers the trip from start to finish like I do, Karimata is more in-depth when it comes to the coverage of the cars themselves as he practically gets a shot of every car at the event. There are some cars that I don’t see really fitting the style of this site so I have left them out. He gets so many photos that I usually have to go through all of them and only pick the select few that I want for the site. I appreciate the effort and the fact that he does get many of the cars because there are times when I see a car in the background of someone else’s photos that I would only see in his set. Anyways, without rambling on any further. Check out the second half of his coverage of the Kday 2013 “Season 3” event organized by my good friend Takeshi Kobayashi from Type_K Autosource Japan….

Kday 2013 Coverage…The Lost Photos…Part 1…

…Enjoy and thanks for looking…


Seiya Suzuki’s Phoenix Yellow Integra Type R on Stark Rennsport wheels. This car was actually wrecked a couple months back due to an unfortunate accident on some icy roads but Suzuki already acquired another PY ITR and is already working on it….


Daisuke Ito’s DC5 Integra Type R on bronze Mugen MF10 from Lowered2Perfection car club….


Akifumi Ikeda’s Integra Si-VTEC on white Volk Racing TE37. Always great to see Ikeda-san every time I visit Japan…


EK9 Civic Type R on some 98-01 Kouki ITR wheels…


Masaki Fukuda’s Civic SiR that you probably recognize more on Spoon SW388 wheels from my Japan Trip coverage. Here at Kday, he was on a set of 15-inch gunmetal Work RSZ-Rs…


Nice color on this EK on MF10s…


USDM Acura CL coupe seated on Work Emotion CR wheels with Brembo brake upgrades. Rarely do you ever see these modded anywhere in the world so it’s cool to see a U.S. model modded in Japan…


Kara Notori’s EG Civic hatchback wearing a full-faced bra up front. Wheels are OsakaJDM Loop5s…


EK9 CTR owned by Yuji Yoshida from Chiba, Japan…


Kouji Matuzaka’s AP2 S2000 from LEVEL ONE Japan….



Nice EG build from tuning shop, Skill-S….


Norifumi Kobayashi’s Accord Euro Wagon that looks just as good in person as it does in photos….


Hiroyuki Noguchi’s Honda Element S/C on 2-piece Work Meister S1…


Bagged USDM Acura TSX sitting on step-lipped Work M1Rs….


NA1 NSX looking pretty good on some white Enkei NT03s…




A trio of nicely-done Honda Zoomer builds…


I really like this modded Honda Crea Scoopy/Metropolitan. Cool color combo and it looks good really low to the ground…


Can’t believe how popular the BBS mesh/EG combo has become worldwide. This is a look that you’d easily find anywhere on the planet….


Wild color mixtures on this Toyota Altezza build that features a 2JZ-GTE swap….


Under this Lexus IS is quite a bit of “Tiffany Blue”….


Toyota Rumion to USDM Scion xB conversion on Volk Racing TE37SL…


Takeshi Kobayashi, the host of the Kday festivities, personal USDM PY Integra Type R on Spoon SW388….


Hideo Shingu’s converted U.S. 96-spec Honda Integra Type R on 15-inch Dunlop Formula Harts….


Takahiro Hasegawa’s Honda Integra Type R Mugen Complete Model always looks amazing…


Kentaro Unuma is the owner of the Civic Ferio seated on 15-inch 949Racing 6UL wheels…


Kohei Saito’s EK9 CTR that has been converted to resemble a U.S. Civic DX-model, lightly modded on Spoon SW388. One of my favorites from Japan just because he was willing to take a CTR, which is conventional to them, and remake it into a lower USDM model. That’s dedication friends….


Masato Muraki’s NA1 Honda NSX on Avant Garde forged wheels…



Masatsugu Chiba’s impressive K-swapped CB Accord…


EF2 Civic looking classy on aggressive, gold-faced, BBS RS wheels….


Rare sight to see a set of Panasport G7-C8R wheels on a Honda…


Chang Nakajima’s 96-98 Civic Ferio from UJOS SOCIETY….


CD Accord sedan also from UJOS SOCIETY on MAE Crown Jewels…


CL7 Accord Euro-R with OEM Euro-R front lip on polished Volk TE37s…


Honda Inspire to USDM Acura Vigor conversion….


Honda Integra representing Akebono USDM…


Civic coupe on some rarely-seen 17-inch WEDS Sport TC005 wheels…


Loved the subtlety of this DB8 Honda Integra sedan. If you don’t look closely enough, you’d almost miss the cage inside…


Two-tone EF8 CR-X wearing a J’s Racing front lip. Wheels are polished Garson Deep Racing Ryuji….


The most popular, and easily recognizable, EF build from Japan’s Akebono crew would be this cream-colored hatchback on white Kosei wheels…


DA Integra built to look identical to a USDM Aztec Green DB2 Integra GSR….


Lovely EF9 SiR Civic on SSR EX-C Fins. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, this hatch was wrecked shortly after this event took place….


Another beautifully-done, timeless, EF build from Akebono…


Shinichiro Sugawara’s Prelude with First Molding carbon front lip and Stark wheels….


Tonpe Nakamura’s EF2 4-door Civic slammed on O.G. Work Equip wheels…


Morimichi Kato’s white EF sedan…


Left-hand drive EJ1 Civic coupe using a White Crow/Sergeant front bumper and Mugen front lip…


Koji Yonekawa’s EM1-themed Civic coupe before he installed his BackYard Special front bumper…


Closing out this series with a photo of this white EF9 SiR on Work Carving Head 40s with rare Mariachi center caps…

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend and be safe out there…Thanks for looking as always…

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  1. If you don’t mind, what are the wheels on the blue “DA-that-looks-like-a-DB2?”

  2. Bagged USDM TSX on Work M1R’s owner: Hidetugu Isimoto 🙂

  3. i think thats a beams engine in the altezza

  4. whos acura cl need that lip they made no parts for this car that lip looks amazing

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