Import Alliance Spring Meet 2014 Coverage…A Few Quick Snaps…

My original intention was to actually make the trip out to Atlanta to be a part of the IA Spring Meet but things came up at work last minute, and I had to go to Norcal instead. There were some cars in particular that I wanted to see in person but in general, I just wanted to check out the event because I had never attended the Spring Meet before. The last time I was out at an Import Alliance event was the last Summer Meet that they held in the Nashville Super Speedway. I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it out to Kentucky for this year’s summer event so the Spring Meet sounded like a good one to go to. Work has been kicking my ass but it would have been great to go out to Atlanta to cover the event as well as shoot some cars for possible print features but plans ultimately fell through. I went searching high and low for someone to cover the event for me but I couldn’t really find anyone that could cover the event in detail for me. I’m currently in the process of trying to collect some more photos to post up here on the site but Eric Badis, a previous/regular contributor over the years, came through with some shots for me. It looked to be a huge event so there are a lot of cars that he didn’t cover, but I did manage to pluck these out from his set which happened to catch my eye. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at those. Hopefully I can dig up more photos for you guys but I’ll be sure to let you know if I ended up with some solid coverage. For now, take a look at some quick snaps from IA ATL 2014, as seen by Eric Badis. Thanks to Eric for the work as I know he was busy enjoying the event with his friends. I always appreciate his work and hope to see more from him throughout the year…


Wilder Bowers’ RHD EG6 Civic was looking good on Almight Grey Regamaster EVOs. You may remember seeing some photos of his car last year when it had more aggressive WRD Chevlon wheels on it. The Regas change-up the whole look of the car and gives it a more classical appearance…




Since I couldn’t be at the event, I was busy on Instagram throughout the weekend looking at the “#importalliance” hashtag to see what kind of cars people were taking photos of and posting on their IG accounts. This Rocket Bunny-equipped Scion FR-S on gold-faced Work VS-XX wheels seemed to be one of the most popular and most captured. I’m not exactly sure how it is out there but we got a ton of these out here in the West Coast. They might not be as common of a sight out in the East or South so it makes sense why it got so much attention. I mean, it’s a good-looking build and looks to be done right, don’t get me wrong, but I guess we are spoiled out here because the RB stuff is so “regular” now…


Another car that I saw get posted a lot on social media outlets was this UCF20 Lexus LS400. The car has quite a bit of fender work done to it and is based out of Atlanta from a shop called Superstar Customs. I like the metal work on the fenders and quarters but the front bumper honestly looks really odd to me. SOmething about it just doesn’t flow very well with the bottom lip and the front bumper. I think it has to do with the shaving of the turn signal lights and the addition of the LED lights on the bottom. I don’t know, haha, I can’t say if I like it or don’t like it…


I dig the work on the sides and the execution of the SSR Professor SP3 wheels…


….even the rear looks good to me, I just don’t know what to do with the front of this thing. Overall the work appears to be good though and it’s nice to see someone actually making the effort to build a full VIP car instead of just slamming it on wheels that don’t fit and calling it “VIP style”…you know what I mean?…


Speaking of VIP builds, this M45 looked kinda interesting. I can’t really say much about the aero because most Japanese VIP companies don’t make very good looking kits for this car. I’m just happy to see people modding these things. I remember before I bought my Y33 Q45, I was actually on the look-out for one of these things. After seeing how limited the options were for it, I quickly changed my mind and went with the Y33. This one in particular looks pretty extensive with the full aero, air suspension, and custom purple WED’s Kranze LXZ…


Here is a more traditional Kouki LS430 wearing a Version Select lip kit….


This S2000 looked good with a Spoon (or Spoon-style) S-Tai front bumper…


Ethan Hamilton’s Acura RSX running a BackYard Special front bumper and Volk Racing CE28Ns. I had the opportunity to write his feature for Honda Tuning magazine awhile back but it was before the major changes you see here in the photo…


Another RSX, this one a much simpler example, also on Volk Racing CEs…


JZA80 Supra turbo on Fikse wheels with a huge front mount intercooler…



This black AP1 S2000 looked really clean on BBS wheels. It has more of a Euro flare to it than your traditional Japanese-tuned S2Ks….


Jen Milks aka Jen from Street2Track’s K24-powered Civic sedan on 14-inch Volk Racing TE37. Pretty unique build and if you have seen the gradual progression of this car over the years, you’ll definitely learn to appreciate it more…


Love the smaller TE on the thick Nitto NT01 rubber….


Nice, clean, K-swapped bay. If you want to see more photos of this build, check it out HERE on Street2Track’s website…


One more since Eric seemed to be pretty impressed by it judging by how many photos he got of it…


Closing it out for today with one more of Bowers’ EG Civic. Again, I’m still currently in the process of trying to get ahold of more photos. Thanks for looking though. I got some leads so we will see where it takes me….

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  1. Coverage looks hella good…More!!

  2. Hope you have pics of the DEEP SOUTH Impreza! Looking forward to the coming posts.

  3. sweet! . any interior shot of that yellow eg?

  4. Haha love the comment about misfitting wheels on a lowered sedan to make it “VIP”… kinda like how a billet towhook and Integra LS wheels make ur car a “racecar”… ah kids these days.
    Im wondering how the meaty tires handle on the 4dr.. different approach to a track themed build. larger wheels were originally applied to racecars to house larger brakes but im sure the brakes on that 4dr are plenty, maybe thats the motivation behind it? No more wheel than needed idea? Im curious

  5. More freshness!! EG6 hell good!

  6. white “eg” looks so good on 14″ and meaty rubber. super ql and i guess it makes the point on the racetrack!

  7. The white m45 has a one off kit built by us. Well front bumper is a fused CtsV rear and sides are one off

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