Eibach Honda Meet 2014 Coverage…Part 2…

Welcome back to the second portion of the 2014 Eibach Honda Meet coverage. By the time you guys read this, I’ll already be in Tokyo, Japan so I’ll try to keep it brief. Most of what I wanted to discuss about the ’14 Eibach event was already mentioned in Part 1 so today we will concentrate more on just the photos. For those who are new to the site or who were just wondering, what I have in terms of coverage is what I captured. If you don’t see your car in any of the coverage, I probably just missed you or didn’t get a chance to get a shot of your car. With so many cars in attendance, I had to be really selective of what I captured. I mean, I normally do that anyway but when you have over 800 cars in attendance, it is pretty difficult to walk the entire show. The beating sun left me drained for most of the day so I just tried to walk to show in small doses. I would cover a section and then go back to the booth to get some shade before heading out maybe 20 minutes or so later, depending on how busy my booth got. There was a lot that went on that day and by the time I went out to get a bulk of my coverage, I noticed that a ton of people had left already so sections of the lot were empty. I didn’t get a chance to see a lot of the cars in attendance but that is just how it is when it comes to having a booth at the event while also trying to do coverage. Most of my morning is focused on setting things up and I shoot later in the day. Those that know how I shoot usually will stick around because they know I don’t like to shoot until later in the day. It isn’t anything personal if I missed your car, maybe it just didn’t catch my eye or I just didn’t see it. Don’t take it as an insult in any way. I legitimately just took photos of what captured my eye. As good as I try to be about looking at everything, it is just way too difficult with so many cars in such a vast area. If I missed your car I’ll probably catch it at another event. Keep doing what you do and if you got a good build, I’ll notice it one way or another. Thanks everyone for the support and enjoy the coverage…

If you missed Part 1, since it was originally posted at a pretty odd hour in the evening, click the link below to check it out…

Eibach Honda Meet 2014 Coverage…Part 1…


I haven’t really seen DPK Carlos’ EK in awhile. He’s had this car for years now but it spends most of its time locked away in his garage. He just recently started working on it again and decided to throw on some 17-inch Work RSZ-R wheels. I think they look great on there and gives the car a fresh new look…



Joey Abundiz’s very well-done single cam del Sol on CCW D11L wheels…


DPK Darryl’s K-swapped EM1 Civic SI coupe with Mugen rear spats, rear ferio spoiler, and ARC winglets up front…


DPK Chuy’s Spoon-themed Integra Type R….



Rywire Ryan’s immaculate E-AT Civic that is actually in the new Japanese Option magazine. They came out last year to shoot the car for the mag and it came out great…



Spoon Sports-themed right hand drive Honda S2000. Engine bay came out pretty good and the rest of the car flows really well together….


This EF wasn’t too bad on SSR EX-C Mesh….


Alex’s Mugen-equipped Acura Integra Type R on custom brushed Mugen MF10…


Pepper white EK on Mugen M7s…


I’ve always really liked the parts execution of this build. The fenders, wheels, hood, and front lip just work so well as a whole. Now he just needs to do something to the bay to really finish off the car…



Jonathan Monteith decided to show up to Eibach with some major updates to his build. The engine bay looks good as is but it looked like he added a set of Chargespeed fenders and a J’s front lip…



Rob’s Spoon-themed Civic is always a fan favorite among Spoon Sports fanatics….


One more since its such a good look…



K-swapped EF hatchback on Mugen NR10 wheels. I saw this car awhile back at a local meet and had no idea it was K-swapped. Maybe this is recent…



Luis Jaimes’ Mugen-themed K20-powered Civic. Expect to see a lot more of this car in about a month or so…. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just wait and see…


DA Integra on old school SSR 265 wheels…


DB8 Integra with BYS front bumper and white Volk TE37SL…


EF with JDM EF2 front end conversion on Work Meister CR-01 wheels…


Red EF hatchback on a set of really rare SSR McLaren wheels…


Jorge Hernandez’s pristine Civic hatchback at the ICB booth….


Dave Chik’s S2000 from Team Metrospeed representin’ by the ICB booth…



Ahmed Sulfab’s JUN Auto-themed, turbocharged, Integra Type R with Mugen front end, side skirts, and FEEL’s Twin Cam rear wing….



Civic coupe with a strong red/gold motif, much like Phaze2 HeyMikeyyyy’s Integra….


Roy Mugen-themed Civic on bronze Mugen MF10….


Glen Villanueva’s S2000 on gold-faced WED’s Kranze LXZ…


Really liked this silver Civic coupe with the JDM SiR bumpers, Wilwood brakes, and Volk TE37SL wheels…


It was good to see Juan Lemus’ old del Sol in attendance…


I thought I saw a ghost when I first arrived to see Hasback’s Civic. It has been years since I got to see it in person and it’s cool to see that nothing much has changed on it…


Loi from Loi-Spec Garage’s personal Integra Type R build….


K20A-swapped DB8 Integra from Loi-Spec Garage…


Slammed Integra on high-polished Blitz Type 01 wheels….


Orange Civic coupe sitting aggressively on some Sprint Hart CP-R wheels…


This red EM1 looks pretty interesting on what looks to be re-barreled Stark wheels…


Gonna close it out for today with a shot of this cream-colored EF on SSR 265 wheels…

There’s just one more part to go after this so stay tuned to come back for more photos from the 2014 Eibach Honda Meet. Thanks for the support as always….


3 thoughts

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for yet another awesome picture of my Ferio! I also wanted to let you know i’m gonna have a swap in it by Nisei. I still have the original motor and odometer with 366+ thousand miles in it. I think its time for something to finally grab some real attention. Anyway, thanks again Joey!

  2. Not trying to be a dick, but the fenders on the white EG are Chargespeed. Great coverage otherwise, and thank you for all you do for us and the automotive community!

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