The Chronicles Wekfest Japan Trip 2014 Coverage…Part 6…Even More From WFJP…

The good times just keep on rolling as we approach the annual Wekfest Long Beach event. I don’t think there has ever been a time when a Wekfest event has followed another Wekfest event so closely where the coverage of both events will essentially fall back-to-back with one another. While it may sound repetitive, it is actually quite interesting that both events are so close together because you get to see how different things are between both sides of the world. Japan is heavy in the USDM style and California has always been more about creating its own fusion of West Coast flare and traditional Japanese tuning. We’ve been sharing inspiration for years now so its great to be able to see where we are as automotive enthusiasts compared to our friends in Japan. WFJP brought with it some of the best U.S. themed builds as interpreted by the Japanese and I was overjoyed to be able to get a close look at these cars in person. Seeing photos is always incredible but man, when you are actually there in the presence of some of these cars, you really get to see them in detail and appreciate them that much more. One thing that I noticed about their builds is that I didn’t ever find myself disappointed when I finally got to see a car in person that I’d regularly seen in pictures. You when you see a car online and then get disappointed when you finally do see it in person? Well, that didn’t happen at all in Japan. What you see is literally what you get. I was expecting to be disappointed at one point during the day because I seem to always do when I’m at an event in America but to be perfectly honest, I was highly impressed. These cars are worth the price of admission and I’m sure you’d agree with me if you were there or eventually will make the trip in the future..

I took some time off for Memorial Day since it was a holiday and I was also busy helping with the rebuild of HeyMikeyyyy’s Integra, but today, we’re going to dive right back into the rest of the coverage. There is still some cool stuff left to see so I want to get with it before my final preparations for Wekfest Long Beach this weekend. Check it out and share it with your friends. I appreciate the support and thanks for looking…

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…And now we can continue with coverage of WFJP through my eyes….



Here’s a detailed look at Kiyotaka Nakajima’s EG Civic with Wings West lip kit and Mugen MF10Ls. This was a really well-rounded build with customization throughout and one of the better Hondas in attendance at WFJP…


Craft Craft Boon!/Osaka JDM built turbocharged Honda Integra on orange-anodized Barramundi Eleven wheels…


Porsche 996 GT3 Cup Car that I captured some shots of previously when it was parked outside in the staging area….


Porsche 964 looking really good on 18-inch Barramundi Design Fogos….


Euro vehicle builds seem to be very popular in Japan, as are U.S. Rotiform wheels. This LHD Volkswagen Jetta was one of the better Euros at WFJP….


This bagged MK4 Golf GTI was also very well-built. Love the polished roll bar in the rear and the massive BBS LM wheels…


Love the purple/bluish tone on this VW Bora. Just the right amount of sunlight was beaming through the dome where you can see the color-shift…


Zenki-model S14 Silvia sitting on some refinished Panasport G7 C5C2…


Norifumi Kobayashi made an appearance at Wekfest Japan rocking some 19-inch Tokyo Time Attack Edition Volk TE37 wheels that have been customized with Championship White faces…


Shunsuke Takahashi from LEVEL ONE Japan used to have a Honda S2000 build but has recently been busy modding an E46 BMW M3…


Shigeaki Hosoguchi, another member of LEVEL ONE Japan that once owned an S2000, with his new Lexus IS build on MAE Crown Jewels….


Shun Saito’s Kouki S14 Silvia wearing T&E Vertex Ridge aero and Volk TE37Vs. Saito-san is also a member of LEVEL ONE Japan…


Yusei Nakatsu’s AP1 S2000 on 3-piece Work Meister S1…


Kohei Miyata’s AP2 S2000 wearing an ASM front bumper…


Rounding out the LEVEL ONE Japan line-up is Hiroki Matsuo’s S2000 that has been recently resprayed in this bright blue tone. Like Miyata, he is also running an ASM front….


Here are some more detailed photos of the freshly-built Tactical Art EK4 Civic running OEM EK9 exterior pieces…


You can see the USDM influence under the hood with the Rywire Mil-Spec engine harness, Skunk2 intake manifold and accessories, as well as some K-Tuned products. The bay has also been shaved down and smoothed out before it was repainted in Tactical Art’s signature grey…



One of the best features of this build has to be the interior, which has been reupholstered in suede by 9010 Design. The dash, door cards, rear seats, and trunk panels are all done in suede with white stitching to match the new Bride seats…



Yasutaka Shimomukai’s HKS GT Supercharged AP1 S2000 with APR front lip, CCW wheels, and USDM headlights. The color is a rare green from a V-SPEC R34 Skyline known as “Millenium Jade”…



Tomoyuki Sasaki’s Civic Ferio with 99-00 spec front and rear end conversion. His engine bay wears the signature grey of many of the Tactical Art builds and utilizes a host of Skunk2 products for that USDM-appeal. Love the custom intake arm fabricated by Atsuki from TA….



Masashi Kameoka’s EF9 Civic that you’ve seen numerous shots of already in the previous parts of my WFJP coverage….


The last time we saw the interior of his EF, it was a bit messy but he’s gone and redone the entire interior….


A view of Kameoka’s custom roll cage through the rear hatch…



Toshiyuki Yanagi’s Integra Type R looking better with the new matte/gloss black CCW Classic wheels….




Some more of Tomoyuki Sakoda’s EP3 Civic Type R including a rare look at the interior and his custom cage…



Keisuke Morita’s HKS GT Supercharged Scion FR-S….


Yasutaka Shimomukai’s Lexus IS…


Mao Nakai’s V36 Skyline 370GT sedan….


Hiroki Nakano’s Toyota Prius on gold-faced Work Meister S1 3-piece wheels…


Mitsuyoshi Masumoto’s custom green Civic coupe from Grinders…


EP3 Civic Type R with Spoon front brakes and Work Meister S1Rs….



One of my favorites from Wekfest Japan was Ryouichi Tanaka’s EG Civic. I really like the rare Rocket Dancer front lip, 15-inch TE37s, and the subtle touches like the Vision Technica smoked corners and the APR side mirrors…


CRAFT-A’s circuit-spec Civic coupe that was featured in Import Tuner a couple years ago…



Masatsuga Chiba’s K-swapped CB Accord sedan….


Reitaro Nishizaki’s AP1 S2000 featured prominently at the Megan Racing booth….


The Airrex booth at WFJP featured this Civic Shuttle from Dice Garage bagged on Work Equip 03s. Love the gold face and bronze lip finish on this particular set…



Daisuke Miyazaki’s Toyota 86 RC running a GM LSx engine swap with individual throttles and Todoroki front fenders…



Yuma Saito’s slammed USDM Nissan 240SX hatchback on Barramundi Design’s new “Grandy” wheel. I really like the contrast cuts and the circular phone dial-like face….



In terms of aggressive wheel fitment and ride height, this V35 Nissan 350GT coupe was one of the best in the building. Awesome how this owner and his fellow crew members were reppin’ Low ‘N Slow in Japan. For those unaware, Low ‘N Slow is a car club from out here in Southern California…


EF Civic hatchback on WRD Chevlon DE Racing wheels….


Honda Integra Type R seated aggressively on BBS LM wheels. The front lip is a carbon Spoon Sports piece…


Gonna end Part 6 for now with a shot of Wekfest spokesmodel Elissa Alva from the private WF staff room. During the show we periodically spent time here to talk about judging, rest our legs, and to grab snacks/drinks…

That’s all for today. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more in Part 7!!…


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