Exclusive Content: Unpublished Photos Of Trik Speed’s Custom Honda Ruckus…

I originally shot these photos during my last visit to the Pacific Northwest. I made the trip up there to shoot some cars for the annual Super Street Honda Issue and I shot this Ruckus just for fun. The idea was to get this thing featured in print eventually but with all the shake-ups in the automotive print industry, it just didn’t look like it was going to happen so I decided to just post them up here for you guys. It would have been awesome if these did end up in a magazine but things happen and well, why let these photos go to waste, right?…

Admittedly, I don’t know a whole lot about the Ruckus community. I’ve always been around them and know of friends who are heavily-involved in modifying them, but I just never took that much of an interest in them other than looking at them in detail at events. I get the basics and the popular modifications but other than that, they are foreign to me. When I first saw Terry Suvonnarith’s Ruckus, I liked it. You don’t see very many of these in yellow and he had a really clean GY6 swap in it. I trust Terry’s tastes because he knows Hondas really well and has built one of my favorite Integras of all-time. If you don’t know which Integra I am referring to, kindly click on the linked tags below to check it out…


Terry is one of the rare guys who has held onto his Integra for a long period of time so I knew he would put an equal amount of love into his Ruckus build. We are all surprised when we found out that he was building a Ruckus but I guess it sort of made sense. Every car guy has that itch to build something new every now and then so he decided to put a Ruckus together to fill that need. He has had his Integra for so long that it would have been odd to see him build another car. The Ruckus was a perfect platform because tt was completely different but still a Honda…

While I was shooting in Seattle, I was with the rest of the Trik Speed guys and they had nothing but good things to say about Terry’s build. They said that he was going to trailer the thing down to the location where I was supposed to shoot it and out of nowhere, this guy came blasting down the road in this thing! He said he doesn’t ride it too often, but everything does function on it and he can ride it for long stretches of time without having to worry about it. I’ve attached a mod list below in full detail. Those of you who are into Ruckus’ will probably enjoy it and guys like me who don’t know a lot about them will be totally confused by some of the mods but will like it just because it’s yellow and has Advan A048s on it, haha….

Thanks for looking and thanks to Terry for bringing this thing out for me to shoot it. I really love how the photos came out and I apologize to Terry and the Trik guys for not getting this thing into print like I had originally planned. Click on the photos for larger versions but again, please don’t alter my photos in any way or crop out my watermark. I flew to Seattle on my own dime and worked really hard on these photos so I would appreciate it if you left my work untouched. Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the snaps….

Tuning Menu
Honda Ruckus
Owner Name: Terry Suvonnarith (Spriggan380)
Location: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: I think he’s a drug dealer (Just kidding, maybe)

170cc GY6 Dorbyworks-built motor
Dorbyworks racecam
Composimo billet mount
Rucksters custom exhaust pipe
Akrapovic muffler
Mikuni TM28 carb (tuned by niels at 2wheeldyno)
NCY carb neck
Composimo angle clock flange
Composimo extended spacer
Stage6 air filter
Custom catch can
Earls fittings
RRGS titanium EGR block off
RRGS titanium oil cap
Composimo coil/fuel pump bracket (custom fitted to fit OEM fuel pump)
Composimo stainless steel start cover
NCY speed fan
Rucksters harness
Custom wire harness/fuel line/throttle cable tuck
Stage6 fuel gauge

NCY Ultralight overdrive variator
NCY Ultralight front outer drive face
NCY Ultralight outer drive face
NCY Ultralight large shoe racing clutch
NCY Ulltraight drilled & vented clutch bell
NCY Dual range secondary slider
NCY 18×14 10g roller weights
NCY 1000 Compression spring
NCY Ball bearing compression spring seat
Composimo CVT cover

Wheels & tires:
Dorbyworks mesh wheels 12×4 front 12×7 rear
Kenda tire front (100/60/12)
Advan A048 tire rear (160/55/12)

Footwork & chassis:
Dorbyworks front hub
RRGS titanium front axle bolt
RRGS lowdown drop forks
Composimo drop fork lowering springs
NCY billet triple tree
RPRO chin bone
RPRO foot bar
RPRO kick stand
RPRO handle bars
Stage6 throttle control
ATR rear coil over

RRGS front and rear 4 piston calipers
RRGS front (220mm) and rear (220mm)disc
RRGS front and rear titanium rotor bolts
Rear disc brake conversion
Braided lines
CNC disc/disc brake levers
Motul dot4 brake fluid

RPRO signature washer kit
RPRO side markers
RPRO gas cap
RPRO frame gussets
RPRO frame end caps
Composimo inter frame caps
RPRO battery box badge
Drowsports carbon fiber key guard
Steady garage switches
BSC rear view mirror
Composimo headlight lowering tabs
Composimo headlight bracket cover
Bride custom wrap w/ suede seat
Mnnthbx billet Dr. Dre beats holder
Mnnthbx rear led taillight
RPRO license plate holder




RRGS brake kit and rear disc conversion…


12-inch Dorbyworks Mesh and Advan A048 rubber….


Dorbyworks-built GY6 engine swap…


Mikuni TM28 carburetor and Stage6 filter…


All the fuel lines, engine harness, and throttle cable are tucked into the frame via these -AN fittings and black hoses…



RPRO frame gusset…


Custom seat wrapped in Bride material and suede….



Stage6 Throttle Control Kit…


Akrapovic exhaust set-up…


Stage6 Fuel Meter mounted on the floor…


If you were wondering why Yokohama Advan offers a 12-inch A048, I believe they were produced for the old Mini Coopers…



A couple of rolling shots to close out the set…

That’s a wrap. Have a great weekend guys and thanks to Terry and the rest of the Trik Speed guys for bringing this thing out and helping with the shoot. Peace.

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  1. this is so cool, what amazed me is the Akrapovič exhaust system which origin comes from my country and here is for the Ruckus/Zoomer?!? what a coincidence lol.
    super nice build!

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