Spocom Hawaii 2014 Coverage… Part 1….

I love Hawaii, I really do. I mean, who doesn’t? It is literally paradise. The only thing that would make a trip to Hawaii better would be a free trip. And what’s even better than a free trip? Uhh…getting to do car shit along with it of course!! A couple months ago, I was asked to be a guest judge at the Spocom Hawaii event in Oahu and well, obviously, I said yes. I’m normally a featured guest judge for the Wekfest series but being that Ross from Jspirit, who was in charge of running the Hawaii Spocom event, had such a great relationship with the guys from Wekfest, it wasn’t an issue. I didn’t want to step on any toes so I had to make sure it was okay with the Wekfest guys that I go. Not only were they okay with it, Junior and Ken from Wekfest had also planned to go to HI for a mini-vacation…

Anytime I get to travel, it is a blessing but being shipped off to paradise for car shit just sounds amazing to me. Accompanying me on this trip was my boy DPK David, who was also invited to judge the Spocom show. We’re practically like brothers so all the elements were in place for this to be an amazing trip and it definitely delivered. I can’t say enough about all the great people that we had the opportunity to meet there and for all the hospitality that everyone showed us. The moment we arrived on the island we were already treated like family. Samson from Revision Audio gave us one of his personal cars to drive around in for the weekend and he even picked us up and took us back to the airport during his work hours. Then other locals from the area came through and took us to all kinds of great places to drink, have a good time, and party. Just me sitting here now and telling you guys about it almost makes it sound like it was all a dream. I just couldn’t have ask for much more from this trip and it was the perfect little vacation that I needed after two very busy weeks doing Wekfest events on both sides of the country…

If you guys haven’t had the chance to check out my first ever video blog, please take some time to view it before you jump into the photos. It tells a better story of how my trip went outside of the Spocom event and I know many of you guys enjoy all the random shit I do sometimes more so than the car shows I attend. You get a good grasp of what went on and after, you can jump into the detailed photos from the show. With that said, sit back, enjoy, and take in all the beautiful sights from Hawaii. Thanks for looking and thank you to the 808 state for all the love!!….

And here is the first photoset from the trip….


A view from my hotel in Waikiki the first night we arrived….


The next day, we met up with Ken from Wekfest, who was also in town on vacation, and headed over to North Shore to try out the world famous Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck….


When they said “shrimp truck”, I had no idea it was actually shrimp served out of an old Ford bus…It certainly didn’t look like a spot where some of the best food on the island would come from but it certainly did not disappoint….


Giovanni’s Shrimp Scampi plate….


Random chickens were just cruising around while we ate… and cats too, as you saw in the video I created….


After lunch we hung out on the beach for a bit. We were in Hawaii after all so it would have been a travesty to NOT see the water….


I had to wear the appropriate footwear on the beach, haha….


Cloud and rain rolled in on occasion but it still stayed pretty warm throughout the day….


After the beach it was time for a snack over at a local Poke spot. I got the spicy tuna bowl and a nice cold ice tea….

We did quite a bit the rest of the evening but I didn’t really capture it on camera. There was some drinking at the club, some bad decisions, and some sleep involved but the next day, it was time to grab some early lunch before heading over to the Neal S. Blaisdell Center to check out the Spocom show….


I love me some Loco Moco so I made it a point to eat plenty of it while we were out in HI….


I probably should have taken a photo of it prior to me eating a big chunk of it but here it is in all of its double-sunny-side-up glory….


S13 drift car on Work Schwert wheels that was just recently rebuilt after a wreck on the track….


Lexus GS400 wearing a complete Sessions aero kit and bronze Work Meister S1R wheels…. Great to see Sessions stuff since we rarely see much of it on the mainland….


Track-themed, K-swapped, Midori Green Civic on 15-inch Volk Racing TE37SL….



Hawaii loves their Toyota pick-up trucks and this one is a prime example of what the island has to offer…



A couple of photos of Michael Matsumoto’s NA1 NSX on 3-piece Meisters….


JZA80 Supra Turbo with what looks to be a rare Behrman/Wise Square front lip….


Another Supra wearing a full Riddox aero kit and 19-inch Volk Racing TE37SL….


Aggressively fitted Mazda 3 with bolt-on fender flares WED’s Kranze Cerberus 1 wheels…


Airrunner bagged Lexus IS convertible wrapped in matte blue, seated on polished Work S1R….


This UCF20 build is one of the long-standing VIP-styled builds on the island. Great to finally see it in person after all these years….



I really liked this two-toned UCF30 LS on SSR Professor MS3….DPK David had actually shown me a couple of photos of this car online maybe a week before the event and I had no idea it was from Hawaii….


Interesting to see how much love their was for the Camry platform out there….


EJ1 Civic coupe on some aggressive step-lipped BBS wheels…


A very traditional look on this Lexus IS on Work Equip wheels….


One of the more wild-looking builds at Spocom Hawaii was this Civic hatchback with a full engine bay draped in dollar bills….



Loved this Y34 M from Team Mansu on WED’s Kranze Bazreias….


Also on Bazreias was this bagged G35 coupe from Mansu….


Place prominently at the Revision Audio booth was this Lexus GS with full Vlene aero kit and WED’s Maverick wheels…..


Revision Audio prepped a entire fleet of VIP-styled vans including this RL1 Honda Odyssey with complete Modulo lip kit and Zauber Gettins….


Another RL1 Odyssey, this one in white has a very rare Chargespeed lip kit for the Japanese Honda Lagreat platform. Really nice looking kit and I honestly really miss the days when Chargespeed used to make very subtle but stylish aero pieces for most Hondas….


Samson from Revision Audio actually pick David and I up from the airport when we first arrived in this Toyota Sienna SE with Lexon front lip and WED’s Maverick wheels. Love how stylish these new Siennas are….


Right next to it was another Sienna on bags, this one with Japanese Trafficstar RTV wheels…


One of the many highlights from my Hawaii trip was seeing this freshly assembled RA1 Odyssey build from Revision Audio. I have one myself so I always enjoy seeing the RA chassis getting some attention. This one has brand new black paint, a complete Wald lip kit, a hoard of JDM OEM accessories, and 19-inch Leon Hardiritt Ordens…. I love how this thing came out and how much better it is than mine, haha…


Here’s another angle of the build. I was surprised to see that the Ordens were 19s because they honestly don’t look that big on this chassis….


Nice set of concave Volk TEs in red on this Lexus IS300….



Oliver O.’s K-swapped J’s Racing themed Civic hatchback that actually made its way from Hawaii, over to the mainland to Cali and Arizona, and came back to Hawaii. RC from RCG actually did the K-swap on this car before it was sent back to the island. Love the traditional styling of this build with the J’s pieces and the 15-inch Volk TEs in bronze….



Joey Sabugo’s K20 EK on gold SSR Type-C. You guys got to see this in better detail in the video I posted about my trip a day ago. Really nice build with a super clean interior and attention paid to all the right places….


Sabugo also owns this bagged Honda Odyssey on Vossen wheels…



Inside the Odyssey was his custom Honda Ruckus build and a trap door that reveals his air compressors and valve block set-up for his air suspension….


One of the best Honda builds in the building that weekend was Roy Cabbibo’s FA5 Civic SI build with full JDM FD2 CTR conversion. Hard to see here in this angle but the car also has FEEL’S Twin Cam front wide fenders to give it that really aggressive front stagger…


Under the hood was a Full Race EFR turbocharged K20 motor with some rare accessories like this Vision Technica front strut tower bar….


The rear has a Kouki 09+ FD2 rear trunk conversion and CTR rear bumper. The interior on this thing was great too, just wish I had taken photos of it. I had it on video but it was so shaky that I ended up not using it for the vlog….



Gil D.’s Civic sedan from Team Ultraspeed was a build that I had long known about and was really happy to finally see in person at Spocom Hawaii. I’m a big fan of this car and love how it looks with the JDM Ferio bumpers and Mugen Ferio rear spoiler. If you guys have ever looked at car show coverage from Hawaii in the last couple of years, you’d probably already recognize this build. His Honda is one of the rare builds that actually looks every bit in person as it does in photos. It was also featured in Super Street last year and you can see the full story HERE


Your attention is probably automatically diverted to the custom rebuilt Mugen M7 wheels but take a look at the rear and check out his custom made L.E.D. taillights…..



You got to meet RemaLema and her Civic in my video piece but here are some better shots of the car at Spocom 2014. The car looks black in the video but it is actually this dark green color. As she told you herself, this is a car that she uses for Autocross once a month so it is actually every bit as functional as it looks. Nice to see women that can build cars without making them all girly-looking and also put them to use….awesome job!…


Really liked the simplicity of this carbon kevlar front lip on this NSX….


Ryan Lorenzo’s NSX with super rare Garage Kite aero kit and Advan AVS Model T7 wheels….


Brandon Kikuchi’s boosted “Kanjo-styled” Civic build with First Molding front lip and aggressive Work Meister CR-01 wheels….



Under the hood is a built JDM B16 swap with Garrett T3/T4 turbo….


Lester Cote’s EF8-styled Honda CR-X on old school SSR GP-0 wheels….


…and the last shot for the day goes to this FD2 CTR-converted Civic SI bagged on polished Work Equip wheels…

That’s all for Part 1, hope you guys enjoyed the shots so far. Stay tuned for much more to come!!…

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  1. Hey Joe! Sick man. Great part 1, wanted to let you know it’s a full race EFR turbo kit on my car. ☺

  2. yay for pt 1… re-posted on s2ki 🙂 can’t wait for part 2!

  3. I love your work! I feel like I’m re-living SpoCom all over again, but even better this time through your pictures and narrative!
    Thank you also soo much for your recognition. I wish I could put it into words how much it means to me.

  4. Clean cars in the 808 but why do many of the builds not have color matched bays?

  5. lots of unique builds here. excellent coverage!

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