The 2014 Chronicles Hawaii Meet Coverage….

While I was planning out my trip to Hawaii for the Spocom show, I came up with an idea to throw a little meet. I didn’t really care for it to be big or anything monumental. I just wanted to have a get-together where I could meet some more car guys and to get some better shots of many of these cars in their natural environment outside of a cluttered convention hall. It would also give some of the other enthusiasts who weren’t a part of the Spocom show a chance to bring their cars out for us to see. I know not everyone wants or likes to do car shows so the meet would just be a gathering of all car guys/gals…

I had never been to this particular island so I really had no idea where to do a meet or how to go about setting one up. I reached out to a number of enthusiasts out there in regards to putting on an event, but the person in the end that really came through for me was Sara Choi from VPR Hawaii. She seemed to be very familiar with everyone out there and being that she herself was an enthusiast, she was familiar with all the good spots to hold meets at where it wouldn’t get broken up by police. I asked her a couple of questions and she sort of just took the reigns and planned the entire thing for me, which was pretty amazing. My time in Hawaii wasn’t that long and being that my plate was already full with all the stuff I was doing at Spocom, it was great of her to come through and take care of the meet. We decided to do the meet Sunday because it would be a much more relaxed environment. The show was already over and the pressure of needing to get the cars ready was gone. People could just bring their already clean cars out to the meet and we would all just relax and shoot the shit with one another. I needed a good location and she recommended a spot called Waipio Corps. She said that meets happen there all the time and go undisturbed. Every other spot is likely to get interrupted by local authorities and I wouldn’t want people to have to scatter and relocate somewhere else just to hang out. To be perfectly honest, I did so little preparing for this meet that when it came time to actually GO TO the meet, I didn’t even know where Waipio Corps was, haha. It sounds horrible, but trust me, Sara had to under control. I just put together the artwork and the specifics for the meet and everything else was taken care of. All the credit goes to her and I am very appreciative of the effort.

I named this meet “The Sunset Hangout” because that was exactly what it was, a bunch of car people hanging out and enjoying the sunset together. There were a couple of other cruises and meets going on that day but I wanted to do an event during the late hours of the afternoon because it was not only cooler during the summer, but also because the setting sun made for the most dynamic photos. That and I wanted to eat lunch first, haha. The park at Waipio Corps made for the perfect location because it was huge park that allowed for a ton of cars to come in and fill up the lot. As promised, the entire meet went undisturbed and everyone acted like adults and respected one another. I couldn’t have asked for much more and it was a great feeling to see just how many people came out to hang…

Before I begin with the coverage, I just want to take this one final opportunity to thank each and every single person that I met out there in Hawaii. It seems like a long time ago now but sitting here and going through these photos really makes me appreciative of my position and how many people support STICKYDILJOE.COM. There isn’t a time when I’m not thankful of the support and I look forward to the day when we can meet again…

Here is what I captured that day at The Chronicles Meet in Waipio Corps. Enjoy….


A Honda build like this is exactly why I wanted to put on a meet outside of the Spocom HI event. This car didn’t participate in the show and I don’t know if he even cared to. He rolled out with some friends and it was a real pleasure to see this car. It is a throwback to the days when we really didn’t care about who had the most aggressive wheel set-up or the craziest aero components. It’s a Honda that you would have seen in Hawaii even 5-10 years ago and it just looks good the way it is with the BYS front lip, rear duckbill, and Mugen NR wheels in Racing White….


Oliver Olipares’ K-swapped Civic with J’s Racing aero was definitely one of my favorites on the island… Love the fact that he added sideskirts to flow with the big front lip….


Front end shot with the canards and J’s lip….


Another Honda that we didn’t see at the Spocom event was this red EK on classic Advan Racing RG wheels….



Joey Sabugo’s K-swapped hatch on SSR Type-C. No registration, no plates, no care, this dude was still down to make it out to my meet and I truly appreciate it….


The Chronicles meet was also the first time I got to see Samson’s LS430 since it returned to the island. Normally I’m used to seeing this thing at major events in California. Now it is back in Samson’s possession and just sits in his garage most of the time…


Chris Bornios’ Aimgain LS from VPR Hawaii….


Chester Soriano’s Mode Parfume Phantom Gamu Y34 M45….


Job Design Y50 M….


Junction Produce 2GS on SSR Executor CV03 wheels…


Really like this two-toned UCF30 LS on gunmetal-face SSR Professor MS3. Normally with these two-tone colorways, the lighter color is on the bottom side of the vehicle. Nice to see the owner switch it up and flip it….



Had to make sure to get a couple of photos of Scott Miyata’s CD Accord with Mugen front bumper and SSR Professor VF1 wheels. I actually wrote a story on this car for Honda Tuning a couple of years back so it was great to finally, actually, see the car…


Gil Deliz’s JDM Ferio-inspired Civic build. This is one of those cars on the island that just instantly captures your attention….


Gil’s custom 16×9 Mugen M7 wheels glimmering against the setting sun….


Roy Cabibbo’s turbocharged Civic SI with JDM FD2 CTR front end swap and FEEL’S Twin Cam front fenders….


Michael Matsumoto’s NSX on Meisters from SMG Hawaii…


Nice, simple, AP1 S2000 on Spoon SW388 wheels….



This AE86 Corolla with a turbocharged Honda F20C engine-swap was one of the wilder builds from the meet. This was yet another car that I was happy to see since it wasn’t at Spocom HI….


Loving the Spoon Sports side mirrors on this NA2 NSX….


I’ve been following Joanna on Instagram for a while now because I think it’s incredibly cool to see a female NSX-owner, especially one that “knows what she’s doing” so to speak and doesn’t just put a bunch of pink shit on things and call it a build, haha. I ran into her at Spocom and asked why her car wasn’t there. She said that she didn’t plan on showing the car but was definitely coming to my meet the day after. Well, I finally got to see her car and it looked great. She says she still has some new stuff planned for it but so far, so good. She also has another project in the works too so hopefully it’ll be around when I return to Hawaii next time….


Joanna (Jo_Y on IG) also has one of the best vanity plates on the island….


Ryan Lorenzo’s Garage Kite NSX on Advan Racing wheels….


Brandon K’s AP2 S2000 that you saw previously in my Spocom HI coverage….


Civic hatchback on Sprint Hart CP-R wheels from “Street Illustrated”….


Yellow DC Integra with JDM ITR front end swap from Section-D….


VIP-themed RA1 Odyssey from Revision Audio with full Wald lip kit….


VPR Hawaii’s Lexus GS with full Prussian Blue kit and Superstar Ordens….


Lexus LS460 L (long wheelbase version) on Work Varianza wheels….


LS430 on Work Varianza A6S….


JZA80 Supra Turbo with complete Ridox aero kit….


G37 coupe bagged on Work Emotion CR-Kiwami….


FG2 Civic coupe on CCW LM5 wheels and “spiked” lug nuts…


Aggressively-styled MX-5 Miata on Work Equip 03…


Another A80 Supra on Varis-produced Ridox aero….


This Civic coupe on SSR Type-X wheels had a really rare J’s Racing front lip….


Lester Cote’s timeless CR-X build with JDM EF8 front end and classic SSR GP-O wheels…


Tommy Dolormente’s KP61 Starlet on Takechi Project Racing Harts….


Alex Yang’s vision of the original Powerhouse Amuse Ericsson M480 Concept…


Shingo’s Audi S4 rocking a huge Heavy Hitters logo on his door….


AP2 S2000 with OEM hard top, CR front lip, and 18-inch SSR Professor MS3…


Rear angle of Chris’ VPR Aimgain LS….


…and one of my favorite shots of the day with his LS and the rest of the VPR family in the background….


Really liked this Lexus IS with full Job Design aero from Revision Audio. Good thing I got a shot of it at the meet because I somehow missed out on getting a photo of it during the Spocom show….


Hien Le’s Civic Wagon with optional “island molding”….


Toyota pick-up slammed on 2-piece Meisters….


Another angle of Cabibbo’s FD2-look Civic. Here you can get a better look at the fender extensions that overlay on the FD2 front bumper to better flow with the wider FEEL’S fenders….


…and another of Gil’s Civic and his JDM Ferio front bumpers with fogs and intersection lights….



Rema’s individually-throttled Civic coupe that you saw spotlighted in our YouTube Vlog last week….


This Toyota pick-up was pretty awesome. It has a 4Runner front end swap and custom carbon fiber front lip. It also has the box-flares on the rear quarters to match the 4Runner front fenders and the tailgate has also been swapped. Builds like these are probably only seen on the islands because they just love their trucks so much and are willing to put forth the effort into making them awesome like this one….


Gil, the owner of the red 4-door, also owns this Civic that he has been using as his track car for quite a number of years now. Yes, that is an EK front bumper on it with a Chargespeed style lip…..


Bagged FA5 Civic with FD2 CTR conversion and Work Equip wheels….

After the sunset, we just hung out for awhile with some new friends and chatted before heading out to dinner. It was a pleasure hosting everyone for the meet and I hope all of you who attended had a great time. Next time I go back, let’s do it bigger and better. I look forward to it!…


We Cali guys then met up at a local Korean BBQ spot with some friends from Racesauce, along with some other locals, and grabbed dinner to celebrate our boy JDM Wong’s upcoming birthday….


The next and final day of our Hawaii excursion, DPK David and I headed back to Revision Audio to drop off Samson’s Camry. It was great of him to let us borrow the car for our time there and he event took us to the airport after….


Since the airport was so close to Revision Audio, we just hung out at the shop with the cool A/C before heading back to Cali…

Well, that officially wraps-up my time in Hawaii. It was an incredible experience and I can’t wait to go back. Thank you all for the hospitality and thanks to all the viewers out there who took the time to read through all of my ramblings. I appreciate the support. Until next time….

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  1. as always awesome pics sir. wish i could have made this meet 🙁
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