Kday! Chapter 4 2014 Coverage…Part 2….

Ready for more Kday C4 coverage? Well here it is…

Seeing photos like this just really make me miss Japan. I love the car community out there and how friendly everyone is. During my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many of the owners of the cars you see below and I enjoy their enthusiasm. The language barrier definitely makes it difficult to communicate sometimes but I mean, car guys will be car guys and you just find a way to understand one another. I’ve had the pleasure to meet guys from all over Japan and I’d like to think that maybe I had a helping hand in bringing some of these different crowds together. Interesting to think that before we all got to know each other, many of them had never interacted. For example, a couple years back, the Tactical Art guys would have never met Takeshi Kobayashi. They’re pretty far from one another seeing as the guys from TA are from Osaka and Takeshi is all the way up in Sendai, which is easily over 10 hours away. They actually met here in America during their visits to some of our activities here and became friends and acquaintances. Now they make the drive all the way there just to be a part of Takeshi’s annual event. That’s pretty awesome. Like I said, if I can do my part to unite some car guys and make new friends, however it happens and wherever it happens, I am happy about that…

Today, we’re going to look at the rest of the photos captured by Koji Karimata from Kday Chapter 4. I tried my best to give you an idea of what you’re looking at in the short captions below, but I’m sure you guys will be able to spot some of the details on your own. Keep in mind that many of these cars are USDM-themed builds so you’ll see a lot of USDM parts that you’re already used to seeing here. Just keep an open-mind that they didn’t have these parts prior and are additions to their builds. They really enjoy that style and some even have USDM vehicles that they had imported over to Japan. Yes, things really have come full circle and I don’t see this style going away any time soon. It’s grown rather quickly and I think it will become a staple in their Japanese car community, the same way that J-style has became the norm here in the U.S….

Anyways, enjoy the coverage. Plenty more to come next week too as we look at Kday C4 from another perspective…


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Below is the rest of the set from Koji Karimata….


Takeshi Kobayashi’s USDM Acura Integra Type R representing DPK. He just recently had his annual vehicle inspection prior to this event so he had to put his car back to stock form just so it could pass. After it was over and done with, he spent an afternoon putting everything back on the car in time for Kday C4….


Hideo Shingu’s 1998 Honda Integra Type R that he converted to look like a USDM 97-spec Integra Type R….


Kentaro Unuma’s Civic Ferio on USDM 949Racing 6UL wheels…


Kohei Saito’s EK9 Civic Type R which he converted over to look like a modded USDM Midori Green Civic DX. One of my all-time favorites from Japan. I just love the fact that he would go to these lengths to have a USDM-themed build….


Another favorite of mine is Yosiyuki Hatano’s Mugen SS S2000 on bronze MF10s. This is execution at its finest. I had the pleasure to see this build in person at Wekfest Japan earlier this year and it is every bit as good in person as it is in photos….


Shuichi Murata’s USDM Acura 3.2CL coupe on bronze Desmond wheels….


EF9 Civic SiR on period-correct SSR Spinner Fins….


This Integra Si-VTEC reminded me a lot of Phaze2 Mikey’s DC, especially on the white wheels….


K-swapped U.S. EJ1 Civic coupe on WELD Racing wheels….


Honda Integra SiR-G with shaved moldings, ITR front lip, and Work RSZ-Rs….


Hiro’s K-swapped E-AT Civic build won the “Best of Kday C4” award and deservedly so. It’s crazy to see a K-swapped AT anywhere, let alone Japan, and this car was actually swapped here in the U.S. by RedZone Performance and then shipped back to Japan for re-assembly….


The engine bay is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It is so incredibly clean and the K20 almost looks like it belongs in there….


Hiro Ueda’s U.S. RA Odyssey on BBS RS wheels. Hiro’s Odyssey is supposed to be my Japanese twin since we both have Odysseys that are the same color but his is way nicer and probably rides much better than mine, haha….


Integra with USDM 98-01 front end and full custom Bride interior….


This E46 BMW coupe is everywhere. Every time there is an event in Japan, this BMW is there with the Work Wheels booth….


DC5 Integra Type R re-imagined to look like an American RSX Type-S on SSR Professor MS3 wheels….


Kei Ootsuka’s DA9 Integra on custom Mugen CF-48 wheels


Tomohiro Sudo’s Airrex-equipped EF2 Civic from SOUTHSIIIIIDE Auto Custom on aggressive BBS wheels and modified front bumper. He also has the Hawaiian optional “Island Moldings”….


Really love the way Daisuke Nakayama’s Shuttle looks bagged on those Work Equip 03 wheels….


EG looking nice and simple on Mugen M7 wheels….


DA8 Integra XSi sedan on rare old school Artrise (Work) Venette Vega wheels. This is the same one that you saw in the Akebono USDM Meeting coverage….


One of the cleanest Hondas of Kday C4 was this CD Accord coupe on silver Mugen MF8. Something about it just really stood out and I wonder how it would look with the front lip color-matched….hmm…


Subtle Civic Ferio with Mugen SS style front lip….


This Civic coupe was replicating a USDM EM1 Civic SI coupe with a BYS front bumper and Regamaster EVO wheels….


Ryosuke Takahashi;s EF8 CR-X SiR from Akebono….


Dumped EJ1 Civic coupe on SSR EX-C Fins….


Lovely EF3 Civic hatchback with Chargespeed rear spoiler and front lip….


This EG looked like something straight out of the early 2000s in Cali, especially with the Sprint Hart CP-F wheels redone in blue….


In my opinion, this is one of the best-looking DA Integras in Japan. I love that the owner went with a dark blue tone, a color you rarely see on this generation Integra, and contrasted it with a set of white Volk Racing SE37K. The car is very subtle but just has a very specific, unique look to it. I can’t stop looking at photos of it, it’s just great….


This CR-X ended the day winning the “Akebono USDM Award” becaues of its immaculate condition. It looks like a CR-X that has been fully-restored to OEM USDM specs and is just slammed on factory Honda wheels….


EF3 Civic hatchback owned by Wataru Sasaki that’s appeared on The Chronicles plenty of times from various Akebono USDM meets. Wheels are Work-produced Venette mesh….


This DA had a very period-correct look to it, sitting on 17-inch Racing Hart Type C wheels. Definitely something you would see in the 90s both here in the states as well as in Japan….


Tonpe Nakamaru’s EF2 Civic that always seems to be on a different set of wheels. For Kday C4, he decided to rock the old Work Ewing Mesh….


This red 4-door EF was incredibly well-kept with a B16 swap and all. Wheels are Work Carving Head 40s….


Shota Mori’s CA Accord re-emerged recently with some new parts added and a working engine again. I’ll have more photos of it in his portion of the coverage coming next…


Always see this slammed Civic coupe on Takechi Project Racing Hart Super Spoke wheels at most of the events in Sendai….


CR-X rocking a set of Carving Head 40 wheels with the rare Mariachi caps….


Great to see guys over in Japan appreciating the CB Accord chassis. They don’t seem to be very common these days but the ones that pop up at events are always very clean and modded tastefully….


I really like how the Wagons/Shuttles look with the EF8 SiR front end conversion on them. This one also has a front lip added. Conversely, I also like how the EF hatchbacks look with Wagon bumpers on them…


This DA Integra was redone to resemble a USDM DB2 Integra GS-R with Spoon Sports mirrors and a clean set of SSR Bang Vec II wheels….


Black DA that is always recognizable because of its rare polished Prova wheels….


Karimata spotted this EG6 Civic on Mugen M7 wheels in the parking lot rocking the old Version II Chronicles decal….


Also in the parking lot was this Honda Beat. You can see here just how small the car is. Parking spots aren’t exactly “big” by any means overseas and this Beat fits in it with plenty of room to spare….


This modded USDM Nissan Cube actually took home the “Type_K Award” at Kday. It had a set of Volk TE37V, a set of Impul brakes up front, and full custom reupholstered Bride interior to match its Bride seats. A car that you see rarely modded, a USDM model no less, styled the way we would build a simple street cruiser here… Nice job….


No surprise to anyone, but Hiro’s K-swapped E-AT Civic took home the “Best of Kday” award. Easily the best build of the event….


The owner of the Cube being presented with his award….


Picture op with the Best of Kday C4….


Takeshi thanking the participants and vendors for making the trip out to Kday by presenting them with a mini ironing board. Haha, just kidding, I guess that’s supposed to be a table. Anyways, Takeshi thanks you all for coming to Kday and those who took the time to look through the coverage today. Got plenty of more photos from this event coming next week via Shota Mori! Stay tuned!! Thanks to Koji Karimata for the great shots!!…Have a great weekend!!

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