Japanese Classic Car Show 2014 Coverage…Part 2 of 2…

I guess you can say that this post is appropriate for “Throwback Thursday” as many of the classics you see today are in fact, a throwback to the earlier days of the import automotive community. Hell, the whole show is a trip back in time. Sometimes I wonder what things will be like 10, even 20 years from now when the more popular cars you see today are considered the classics of the future. What will we have to show the future generations? Will it be a bunch of cars with overly-aggressive wheel fitment and wild aero or will classics like these still survive the unbeatable opponent that is time and still be on display, looking the way they do now in 2014? It’s hard to say. I know many of the top-tier Honda builds will last but it all depends on whether or not the owners decide to keep them that long. Can you imagine an Integra Type R like the one from RCG out at a Japanese Classic Car Show years from now? That would be amazing. I think it would be great to be able to be around a bunch of car guys when we are all old and still be able to appreciate one another’s builds. The scene has changed so much over the years that I worry for the future generations. I just don’t know if they’ll have that same amount of appreciation that we do for the classics that we see today. There are so many fly-by-night builds that are assembled only for internet fame and recognition. These cars don’t last because they aren’t built with quality. We are so caught up in the idea that we need get more “Likes” on various social media outlets that we build for 640×640 images and being defensive when our car’s faults are seen on display in a public, intimate, setting. We need shows like JCCS because they present some vehicles that are the archetype of how to create a timeless custom automotive masterpiece. It kind of bums me out when I see more and more cars rocking fake wheels and replica parts on their Japanese classics at JCCS but for the most part, the bulk of the cars are still pretty impressive. I guess you can say it’s like a live history lesson. When you look back, you’re not going to like everything you see but you learn from it and take away certain things from history that will help you improve your own build….

There are plenty more cars that I probably should have captured but as I mentioned, I was on limited time that day. I arrived late and got into the show even later so I just captured whatever I could. You’re seeing this post a little earlier than usual because I actually have to head out to the track right now to cover the FF Battle 6 event at Willow Springs. Enjoy the shots my friends, have a great day…

Here’s a link to Part 1 in case you missed it and don’t want to scroll down to the previous post…

Japanese Classic Car Show 2014 Coverage…Part 1…

…and here are the rest of the timeless beauties from the 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show…



While his brother Luis was over at the West Coast Collective event, Jose Jaimes had his CR-X on display at the Norm Reeves Honda booth at JCCS 2014….



Can’t say you run into very many SR20DET-swapped Hakos very often. This one had the motor looking like it was right at home inside the bay too…great job….


S30Z looking like it came straight out of the Japanese “Wangan Midnight” series…



Gilbert Susana’s SR-powered Datsun 510 sedan from Wild Cards. One of my favorite 510 builds that I hope to shoot pretty soon for a future mag feature…



Datsun 510 that I remember seeing the first time I ever attended a JCCS event. Glad to see it is still around and looking exactly the same. A rare look under the hood reveals a carb’d V6 swap…



S30Z with molded flares, RS Watanabe wheels, and an L-series motor with triple Mikuni carbs and a Cartech Blowthru turbo kit….


A set-up like this on a Z is relevant and timeless whether it be here in the U.S. or in Japan…


My buddy Phaze2 Henry’s Toyota Corolla on Centerline wheels. He rarely brings this car out so it is always good to see it participating at an event like JCCS….


This hood skeleton was a little interesting. Looking through it reveals a turbocharged B-series swap with a dump pipe that exits through the frame….


…but what’s more interesting is that the set-up was on an older CA Accord sedan….


Ernie Uy’s immaculate 1st generation Acura Integra, which he has owned since it was brand new. For the 2014 JCCS event, he decided to roll the car out on black Mugen CF48 wheels….



2JZ-GTE swapped Toyota Cressida on SSR Formula Mesh…. Pretty fucking awesome to see this, I’m not gonna lie…


Nice accent touches on this MX32 Cressida on Epsilon mesh wheels. Check out the custom metal pieces that replace the sidemarkers and inner lights up front. It even has color-matched headlight covers. At a glance, it is just a white Cressida but it has a lot of style and character when you take a closer look…




AE86 Corolla Levin from Bluemoon Performance featuring a 20V 4A-GE swap with individual throttle bodies….



Corolla with a newer 16-valve 4A-GE swap and rare SSR Longchamp XRX wheels….


1st generation Toyota Celica coupe on Techno Phantom wheels….


One of the more highly-customized classics at JCCS 2014 was Peter and Theresa’s F22C-swapped Toyota Celica…



Not only does it have a Honda S2000 engine in it, the motor itself also sees a lot of customization with the neochrome valve cover and ITB horns. Engine bay looks great. The only thing that I would really change that would make it look that much better are the radiator hoses. Maybe converting over to -AN cooling lines would complete the look and switching the fittings over to black -AN fittings to really highlight the neochrome pieces. I’m just nitpicking at this point but Peter and Theresa know what they’re doing…Overall nice job….


Custom interior with reupholstered dashboard and S2000 instrument display…


Another angle of their Celica….


Datsun 510 sedan on CCW Classics….



SR-turbo swapped Datsun 510 with a nice clean engine bay. Good to see people still running old Volk GT-P wheels. I remember I had a set like ten years ago on one of my cars and I loved them….



Here’s another SR-powered 510, this a coupe on Work Equip 03….



Loved the shaved engine bay on this 510 with a Mazda Rotary engine swap. Also notice the Wilwood brakes and complete SSR Longchamp XR4 wheels w/caps….


One of the main reasons why I enjoy the JCCS events so much is because of how many 510s show up every year. Love these little cars and they’re all built so differently by all the various owners…


Legit RHD Japanese Datsun Bluebird SSS coupe…



And now I transport you back into modern day with a shot of Bisimoto’s turbocharged 1000HP Honda Odyssey build that was recently on the American Top Gear television series. It isn’t a classic but was on display at Honda’s vendor area of JCCS 2014….



Also placed in the Honda display area was the brand new Acura TLX GT race car. This thing is crazy looking with the widened body and Forgeline Monoblock wheels…

Well, that’s about it. By the time I snapped the last few photos, the show was wrapping up and they were already doing the awards ceremony. I put my camera away and hung out for a little bit before leaving to grab a late lunch with the fellas. After that I went back to the shop and just took a nap for the rest of the evening. Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed JCCS ’14 as much as I did….

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